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Thursday, May 14, 2009


Thank Goodness Its Friday! Yes its Friday once again. How time flies! Tomorrow is another weekend. How will I spend my weekend tomorrow? Well, in the morning, I am going to join the field ministry together with my hubby and daughter and maybe in the afternoon we will be going to our farm. My brother called me up last night that he harvested some bananas. Well I we will be bringing those with us and maybe gonna give it to some of our friends. What is special from those bananas we have is that, it is free from chemical fertilizers. My brother uses purely organic fertilizers, free from herbicides and pesticides. And I can tell that the bananas we have taste different from the local banana available in the market and groceries. I believe those people who taste organic vegetables and fruits will agree with me that organic products taste better.

Have a happy weekend ahead to all!

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