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Monday, July 27, 2009


To be parents is very challenging. Rearing our cherished possession can be a source of happiness and fulfillment but may sometimes be a source of heartaches. As parents, what can we do to care for our family or to improve in rearing children? I guess there is no easy way to be a successful parents. We have to face hardship in disciplining our respective children for them to be become a better individual.

I read an article entitled, SEVEN STEPS TO BETTER PARENTING, the advice is very reliable. I hope these steps will also be of help to you.

STEP 1: Seek Good Advice
A better way to seek advice is found in the Word of God

STEP 2: Create a Loving Home
Have a regular and quality time together as family to developed and maintain the love within (No TV watching please!). Tell your child or children that you love them and that they are important. It is also very helpful that married couples must spend time together alone to keep the romance in the marriage.

STEP 3: Exercise Your Authority
This involves discipline. Be authoritative yet loving. This means that parents need to be supportive of their children yet maintain firm limits. Not too lenient not excessively harsh.

STEP 4: Define Family Rules and Enforce them Promptly
Have a simple and short written household rules that we feel our children need to obey. Review such rules regularly and explain that punishment will come in if refuse to comply. Make sure that the punishment is reasonable and we are willing to enforce it.

STEP 5: Establish and Maintain Routines
Establish a habit to eat one meal a day together and discuss day's activities or laugh together.
While children are very young set a regular and firm bedtime. Such bedtime must be pleasant. Create a relax bedtime such as telling your child what you did while they are at school and ask them if they want to tell you some of the things they did in school. Or we can also read to them.

STEP 6: Acknowledge Your Child's Feelings
Allow children to pour out their positive and negative feelings. After they pour out, correct the negative feelings. This will help develop trust between parents and children. Parents should not always or habitually contradict their children's feelings. Otherwise, children will start to doubt their ability to feel and think of themselves or will not open up their true feelings.

STEP 7: Teach by Example
Words oftenly imparts information. Actions teach. This does not mean that parents should act perfectly, rather, strive to be good. If we fall short like making a bad decision which affected the chilren, never hold back from saying "SORRY". We, parents, need to apologize if we made a mistake. This will help the children to apologize when they make mistakes.

There you have it!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Bedroom Furniture

I guess a house is never complete without a bedroom. Bedrooms is one of my favorite place to stay when I am at home. That is why I would prefer a nice and comfortable bedroom set.

Everyone wants their bedroom to be a comfortable place, only differ in ideas, taste and traditions, such as to what are the types of design to be used and what furniture to choose. If you are looking for some bedroom furniture, take a visit at ERoom Service. They offer a variety of modern and unique bedroom sets for you to choose from. Their designs truly standout!

New Member

We welcome the new member of our family! Look at him isn't he cute?!

We are really excited to see him maybe next month if my sister will be able to travel from Davao to ZC.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Food is of vital need for us to live. It nourish our bodies and at the same time giving pleasure to our taste buds. Most people love to eat, however, some had a hard time to prepare some dish or find it hard to prepare delicious yet affordable foods.

Does the T-Bone Steak looks delicious? I bet it does! Particularly, it is a T-Bone Steak with garlic lime butter and watermelon feta salad. Do not be deceive that such food looks difficult to prepare and would really cost you a lot. To learn how to cook T-Bone Steak and other delicious yet affordable recipes, top chef contestant Ariane Duarte and iVillage is here to help you out, especially working moms. Actually, Ariane Duarte is a working mom herself and she demonstrated how to cook inexpensive steak dinners and other recipes in several videos. iVillage, on the other hand, is a site particularly intended for women's health, wellness, and beauty with a great deal of information on a plethora of topics. Moreover, iVillage provided some videos such as craft oriented videos, gift ideas and affordable summer recipes.

You Can See More Life Made Easy Videos Here. Those videos are sponsored by Walmart and anything you see in the videos can be purchased at Walmart.


I Cannot Sleep

I cannot sleep because my princess has a fever, cough and colds again. Adding to my worries is that she is having a nose bleed. Actually, she a fever last Friday to Sunday and gone last Monday. By Tuesday, she was already OK and went to school. She fell asleep at 7 pm, so by the time I went home she was sleeping. But when I kissed her, I noticed that her temperature was not the normal temperature she had. So I grab the thermometer and check her temperature. She had a 38.2 degrees Celsius. I told my hubby about it and we decided to wake her up to drink her medicine. After an hour or so, she again woke up and shouted, "Mama, blood!" Her nose was bleeding! I guess it was due to her fever. Since it is still dawn in our place, I am just watching her. By the time the clock hit 9a.m we will be going to her doctor. I hope nothing serious about her. I hope it is just a a mild flu since most of the children in our place are getting sick due to the sudden change of weather.

Direct Mail Marketing

Long years in the world of business is one of the factors that makes a company trustworthy. Take for instance, Wilen Direct. Wilen Direct is engaged in the Direct Mail Marketing. Direct mail marketing is a mode or method used by advertisers who send paper mail via Post Office to all customers in their data base or in their lists. It is a manner to reach out to customers at a low price.

Wilen Direct has been in the print production for 35 years, located at South Florida. Their services includes; Creative and production, lettershop and fulfillment, database management solution, and marketing resource management. Their experience allows them to fully satisfied their clients and would-be clients.They would provide outstanding services to your end. So whatever your perception or ideas to reach out to your clients, Wilen will always be reliable to meet your demand or will surpass your expectation. They are a vertically integrated direct mail solution provider. Moreover, they provide an agency approach that incorporates data strategy, creative development, and a customized mail plan. Wilen Direct will surely provide whatever you required or offer an effective way to boost up your business. This will surely save both of your time and money.

Wilen Direct - for your print advertisement and catalogue needs!

Welcome Therence

Last Friday, the 17th of July, My sister gave gave birth to a healthy 7.5 lbs baby boy. His name is Therence Dean. We were so happy that both my sister and Therence are safe. We were able to look at my sister's bundle of joy this afternoon via Yahoo Messenger.

Welcome to the world Therence!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mobile Computers

We are living in a world of computers. All companies, establishment, industries and almost all schools make use of computers. It makes job, researches easier and it restores data and execute list of instruction. I guess most household nowadays, have computers. These are really helpful in doing researches and assignments or tasks at home.

Before, the only computer available are desktops. Desktop are personal computers use in a single location. People dreamed of having to carry a computer everywhere they go. As years went by, the packaging of computers are getting compact and lighter.

With the advent of technology, laptops, notebooks, netbooks and ipod touch came to exist. It functions as personal portable computers. You can use such computers anywhere you go and can easily access the net anywhere as long as network is available. Although all such computers are portable, those have distinct specification or function.

Laptops proffer the same features as that of a desktop which include display, keyboard, pointing device speakers but are portable and adaptable or versatile. It has a rechargeable battery if fully charge, can be use for 2 to 3 hours. Laptops and notebooks are frequently used by students, business owners and the like.

Netbooks are also portable computers but lightweight and cheaper compare to a laptop. It is designed for wireless communication. Netbook was intended specifically for web browsing and emailing. These stuffs are ideal for all persons who are constantly travelling and needs to access the net or the web without hassling themselves to bring bulky laptop.

If you need a more compact computer, take an ipod. Ipod Touch is a portable media player, personal digital assistant and WIFI mobile platform. It said to be a computer at the palm of your hand. You can access the net, play games, play some music and videos by using the ipod.

My Dream Vacation

I am a lover of nature especially beaches. I already gone to some well known vacation places in the Philippines but among all the places I went, nothing beats my dream place - Palawan. I really wanted to visit Palawan since my college days but have not take the opportunity to do so... Maybe on the day certain. We have a sister in faith residing in Palawan, she is actually one of the municipal judges of Puerto Princessa, she invited us to visit her place, alas, we were not able to do so due to time constraint. Maybe after taking the bar (Wish ko lang!)

Take a glimpse of Palawan!

I know you will like it too!

Satellite TV - For Clearer Reception

Satellites are being used for various purposes. Satellites are commonly use in communications. Communication satellite is a means to deliver signal to satellite television via satellite dish and set-top box. Satellite TV such as Direct TV provides a wide range of channels and services.

DirectTV has better reception and high quality picture and sound . It is a digital entertainment and has more than 130 national channels to choose from. It is said to be the number one among the satellite tv providers at present. What makes them number one is that their services is 100 percent customer oriented.

Direct TV offer various packages for you to choose from. Such packages are affordable and will surely bring satisfaction to your end. Direct TV for Denver presently offers free on all equipment, free satellite TV installation, multi-room satellite TV system, free DVR or HD receiver, warranty and a lot more.

Worried for my Sisterhood

My elder sister resides in Davao City. She is pregnant with her second yet first baby. I say second yet first baby because she lost her first born after carrying him for nearly 7 months. She was devastated then. After mourning with her first baby boy, she got pregnant again. So another new member of the family will be coming soon. We are happy but at the same time worried because we know that anytime this week her bag of water gonna blast and she is far from where we are. My mother left last Monday to be with her. Having our mother besides her neither a relief. I remember when my younger sister gave birth and was having her labor pain, my mother was also crying and acting as if having her labor pain too. So as when I gave birth too. But what can we do, mothers will always be mothers. No matter how we grow old, in their eyes we are still their babies! I know the feeling because I am also a mother too. I cannot imagine myself to see my princess getting married and gosh! having her labor pain! Grhhhhhhhhh! So much for that.

I hope all is well with my sister and to her baby.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thinking Of Buying A Car?

Many people are practical nowadays due to economic crisis. Instead of buying new cars, they preferred to purchase used cars. However, searching for fine used cars can be time consuming and frustrating and may be dangerous because we may mistakenly purchase stolen cars. On the other hand, I know that somewhere out there have superb and reliable deal of used cars.

I came across with BuyYourCar, a UK car site. They have thousands of used Honda cars, used Volkswagen cars, used Audi cars, used Mercedes cars, used Ford Cars in fact it is fair to say, they have thousands of used cars full stop. Not only that, they also provide an array of new cars and car lease.

Visit their site today to save both of your precious time and money!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I guess I will be blogging every week only! As the days pass by the busier I get. I only hope that my weekly blog will not become a monthly one. Anyway, as I surf the net I saw this video : Do not be misled by the picture!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Finding Lawyers

Many said that where there is chaos, lawyers are there to help you. Many people are confronted with problems. Many of which needs the assistance of a lawyer or the legal luminaries. No matter what your problem is, lawyers would definitely by your side to help solve your problems, especially when dealing with family issues.

Family is said to be the smallest unit of the society. If we have strong families then we will have a strong nation. However, family are under attacks. Many family are confronted with legal problems. One of those problems are support, child custody, divorce and annulment, child abuse, domestic violence and the like. We need to have a very reliable lawyer to win our case. We need to have a good lawyers whose field of specialization is family law. San Antonio Family-Law-Attorneys will gladly help you in such area. They specializes on family law, personal injury, probate matters, wills and estate matters, criminal law and consumer law.

San Antonio Family-Law-Attorneys does not guarantee on the outcome of your case but they are aggressive, dedicated and do their best to practice of family law. They are realistic and does not make any false promises or false hope to their clients. They would simply do to the best interest of their client. That is by being patient, understanding and respectful inspite fighting aggressively in court.

I MIss Him!

I miss my hubby. He is on a business right now. While my hubby is away, my two nephews (7 and 8 years old) are here with me. They told me that they will watch me and my daughter while their uncle is away. hahahahahah! How sweet! But I guess I watch them instead! So 3 children are with me now.

But thank goodness my hubby will be back tomorrow. I will fetch him at around 1:30 pm at the airport. Whew!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer Camp

Summer means vacation! It is a time for hiking, parties and going to places such as beaches. It is also a time to have a break from school works and assignments. In our place, people usually spend their summer on beaches or pools and some do visit their loved ones and relatives in other places.

Last summer, I enrolled my daughter in a Learn to Swim Summer Camp. She had instructors who had taught her how to float and how to perform the various swimming styles. Now she already know to swim. Actually, there are various Summer Camps in our place but I preferred swimming camp since my daughter loves the water but does not know how to swim.

Summer camps are very useful in the well being of every child. They can meet new friends from different background, schools and ages. It is also a way for them to learn new things and practical ideas. Plus, it does help the children to develop their Emotional Intelligent Quotient (EQ). Such summer camps do not only provide benefits for the children but it also help to build stronger family ties.

If you are looking for summer camps for your child or for your whole family, try Yovia. They are offering various summer camp events.



Transformer 2

We have watched last Friday Transformer 2 Revenge of the Fallen. I can say it is better than Transformer 1. The effects are so amazing. It was a very thrilling movie and at the same time funny.

My daughter was disheartened when she saw that Optimus Prime died.

So to those who have not watch this movie, watch it!

See the trailer!

Friday, July 3, 2009


How helpful are directories? Are they really helpful? What is a directory? What is its purpose? Directories make our search easier since it organizes files, numbers, database, services and etc in an organized manner. Take for instance; just imagine yourself without a phone directory. I bet you will have a headache in finding numbers for homes, commercial, industrial, office or establishment and the like. Now, let us go to a larger scale. How can we find a systematic topic that interest us or research some subject matter without a web category? You will surely break your head in finding useful and arranged information in the topic you are researching.

Many people nowadays are very thankful for having directories online. They could find the subject matter they wanted. Others are also pleased to include their sites in the directories for people to read or visit.

Actually, a web directory is neither a search engine nor a list of web pages base on keywords; rather it is a list of web sites that are arranged categorically and sub-categorically. The category is based on on the whole web site. There are various types of directories. Most directories are of general in nature. One of the best examples of general directory is Yahoo! Directory, which is freely available to all. Another is the DMOZ. Some directories are limited since such directories are constraint in a certain region or concentrating to one or two languages or may be designed for specific sectors. Some directories are automated submission web directories and some are human-edited directories, such as SEO friendly web directory. Whatever type of directories are available in the World Wide Web, one thing for sure, it facilitate easy access and useful information to people around the world. It even assists to people to shop in the web.

What Will You Do?

What will you do if you will find out that our child was being punished in school for misbehavior. Will you get mad? Will you talk to the teacher or what? Will you get mad if the teacher punished your child? I guess it depends upon the degree of the offense and the degree of the punishment.

Last night, as I was talking to my daughter, I got to know that one of her teachers punished her because she playfully threw a stick to her teacher. So the teacher got mad and let her faced the wall. I do not know as to how long she faced the wall. Actually, it slipped her tongue when she told me about it. I asked her, why did the teacher punished her? She told me, she is afraid that I will get mad at her. And I said, "no I will not get angry unless you lie. I would be happy to know from you rather than me talk to your teacher or I will get to know of her misbehavior from other people." And so she told me of the details. Even though I got mad but I kept my promise. I have not shown her that I was angry neither did I spank her because I believe if similar things happens, she will already keep it from me. My husband and I see to it that she hide nothing from us. And so I was able to talk and apologized for the misbehavior of my daughter. And the teacher told me that it was okey. Actually my daughter felt sorry and she did apologized.

In The Room


Are you or someone you know is an addict of narcotics, alcohol or gambling and wanted to break free from it? Or are you looking for a program that will help you overcome such problem? However, some people are apprehensive to be a part of such program because for fear their identity will be disclosed. Some people may be embarrassed to the fact that other people will know that he or she is undergoing therapy to break free from a bad habit. Others are just afraid. Do you feel the same? Have no fear because there is a recovery web site that will surely keep your identity confidential or anonymous. This site is a helpful and reliable database. The Meeting Database currently consists of the most current Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Gamblers Anonymous (GA) meetings and Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) meetings. They provide their members to help the most accurate meeting data base online. In TheRoom Meetings is a safe way to safeguard your identity even if you will meet fellow members in public places, since they will only reveal that they know you “in the room”. Help yourself and your loved to free from sinking into a bad situation. Seek help from this great site.


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