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Monday, May 11, 2009

Swimming Lesson

My hubby and I decided to enroll our daughter in a short lesson on swimming. We believe that learning how to swim is important for her to learn for this may save her life. But as for now, we want her to enjoy because she really loves the water. When I saw her yesterday doing some strokes and floating, I was so amazed that she learn it so easily. After her class, she ran into me and excitedly discussed that there are many types of float, not just the one I taught her, but there are other types, the front float, the turtle float and the jelly fish float. And she discussed it with demonstration! I was so happy seeing her having a great time.

1 comment:

madz said...

Ako, gusto ko ako mismo magaral ng swimming lesson. HIndi kasi ako marunong lumangoy :(

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