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Monday, February 22, 2010

Our Day

Last February 21, 2010 was our 7th year anniversary. We just had a simple gathering invited family and close friends at home. I do not have any gift (me bad!) Actually, I ordered something online, unfortunately, did not arrive yet, so, I am still waiting. However, my hubby gave me a bouquet of roses! I was so happy! The roses are so gorgeous! I know you would agree with me.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Space on the Web

My friend wanted to have additional web spaces. He wanted to create his own web. So I told him to look for some web hosting services. Anyway, he is a computer geek so he knows what to do.

Anyway, a lot of people get into web hosting to have better domain and better connectivity to the net. Also a lot of web hosting provider available in the world wide web. They are providing simple information and tips as to which web hosting proffer reliable and quality service. Some are expensive, some are cheap and some are for free. Each type has its own unique features. Some web hosting are for personal hosting and some are business hosting. Though those web hosting differs in character but both function the same, that is, to provide or to keep various web page available in the net. And most especially, offer good services to interested individual, for them to choose which among the web hosting provider fits their standard and needs.

Most people, though computer literate but could hardly understand what a web hosting is. Actually, web hosting are those providers which provide internet connectivity in a data center so that their users can readily upload files in their web page.

New Member

We have 2 new members of the family, namely Duke and Wooch! They are so adorable! My brother is taking care of those two. We had a great time last Saturday. We were playing with them and my daughter really likes those two pup.

Ranger had not seen them yet since those two are staying in the farm. I hope my Ranger will not get jealous.


New Bed and Thinking

We have a new bed, a king size bed! Well, I think it just fit us! My husband used to sleep on the floor because he cannot sleep well due to our daughter's movement while asleep, she is moving 360 degrees. That is why we decided to purchase a new bed. At first, I thought a Queen Size will do but since the price of the king size bed is reasonable, we decided to get it. Now my daughter can move freely without having her foot hitting our faces! However, I am planning to pair it with a side table but I am still looking for the right one. I also wanted to purchase new furniture for our new home at the farm. I am still looking for discount furniture yet striking. I am thinking of having a comfortable sofa, dividers and closet to fit in. I am thinking of having Philippine Native look set up to match up our bamboo walls. I hope I can find some good stuff. As for me, I usually look for a quality made and attractive furniture yet not expensive. I like to add or mix some furniture to add accent in the interior. I just hope I could choose it right.

Nail Art

When I went to the parlor to have my nails done, my daughter accompany me and she also requested to have her nails done (but she is only 6 years old!) To end up the discussion, I decided to give her nail a new look. I allowed her to choose which design she liked. Since her favorite color is blue, look at what she chose :

She is happy with her nail art!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Funny T-Shirt

A lot of people are bored with the usual T-shirt designs. Have you seen T-shirts with funny quotation? Do you want to have one? Or perhaps your group or organization want those funny shirts? Try these Funny T Shirts from the UK!

Make your T-shirt design unique and noticeable by making your shirt speak. Also, there are Slogan T Shirts available in the UK.

There are More Funny T-Shirts available in this site.

See Them Again

Last time, I posted about our grape vines. We went to our farm again last Saturday 13 February 2010, see them now they are starting to ripe! Some of which are already ripe and I did taste some. It is sweet!

Friday, February 12, 2010


Lingerie refers to clothing of linen and cotton with laces and the like which are normally worn by women. Lingerie is otherwise known as women's under garments. A lot of women like to wear such to make them look sexier and fancy. Some would also use lingerie to have a memorable night. However, some women are shy or are embarrass to buy it directly in malls or may be more hesitant to purchase one in a boutique. That is why, we are thankful that online shopping came to exist.

Lingerie is one of the woman's tactics to surprise or to make their respective man excited. A romantic night will be more thrilling or should I say, electrifying when a woman uses lingerie. Blow your man away by making a grand entrance and make your man happy and contented by wearing lingerie. Make your night romantic and superb.

Well, men can also buy one. Of course not for themselves but as a gift for their respective wife especially during wedding anniversaries or gift for their would-be-wife to be worn during honeymoon! Anyway, men may also purchase lingerie for themselves for whatever purpose.

If you are looking for sexy and quality made yet affordable lingerie, try flirty lingerie. They also proffer plus size lingerie, sexy costumes, bridal lingerie and a lot more. Further, they would not only offer lingerie but also provide good service to their client. They also extend suggestion to their customer as to what to choose or the right choice for each and every customer they attend to. They also expedite shipping. And most importantly, they guarantee low prices on all items. Flirty Lingerie would meet up your expectation. You will not regret to purchase lingerie from Flirty.

Make your romantic night a different one, make it unforgettable. Wear sexy lingerie!

My Nephew

My nephew is in the hospital due to viral infection. His doctor could not pin point what causes his dehydration and high fever since his hemoglobin count and urine test are all OK. I hope he will recover soon.

To my nephew Therence Get Well Soon. We miss you!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Get Update On Trading

Economy plays a vital role on each and every individual regardless of race, gender, age, nation, status or walks of life. Without it, there will be loss of exchange or market, free flow of trading, barter and flow of money. Stability of every corporation or business will contributes to the stability of every nation. However, no matter how essential economy is, a lot of individuals do not have any knowledge on stocks and exchange or what happens in the business world especially if they will encounter technical words and graphs. If you are one of these individuals, take your visit at trading stocks.

Trading stocks gives you update in the world of stock, exchange and what is new in the business world. It also discusses about the increase or decrease of stocks or which company at a loss or gain. And most importantly, gives you information on the value of shares of stocks of a certain company. Moreover, trading stocks will also provide you a simple background of such corporation. You will never know, you may be interested to buy subscriptions on companies you are interested to invest your money.

The site is arranged systematically by date and title. The different post uses simple words which could easily be understood by layman. Be updated with Trading Stocks!

Mid February

Well it is already mid of February and due to our busy schedules we are unmindful that it is about to end. For many, February is a "LOVE Month". It holds true for my husband and I. Not because of Valentines Day because we do not celebrate it. Rather, it is a Love Month for us because we are celebrating our union. It was almost 7 years ago that we have exchanged vows. Now, we still hold such vow and promise to keep it forever!

I do not know how we will celebrate it. One thing I am sure of, my husband never ceased to surprise me every year. I am excited!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Davao Spots

Eversince I was a child, Davao was and continued to be my favorite city here in the Philippines. There are a lot spots to go. If you want to savor fresh hydroponic lettuce and other vegetables or different culinary herbs, have a visit at Eden Nature Park. They also have plantation of fruit bearing trees such as lanzones, mangosten, durian and a lot more. You can also take your plunge at their cool swimming pool. And if you are adventurous, try their zip line and Indiana Jones. You can also visit Crocodile Farm, where you can find big crocodiles, pythons, ostrich, tiger, different collection of birds, goats etc. After the sighting their animals, you could unwind yourself by watching tribal dance and fire dance. And if you want to experience eating exotic foods such as ostrich or crocodile, take your hop at River Walk Restaurant. Actually, I tried ostrich steak and it is delicious! If you long for white sand beaches, you could visit Samal Island, about a 15 minute ride via ferry. And if you are audacious enough, take Maxima Aquafun's slide to Abyss, another beach resort in Samal. Those are the few places which I regularly visit when I am in Davao.

For more ideas and information on recreation or travel, log on to Max Directory

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Its Their Second

Our grapevines bore its second batch of fruits! We estimated that each vine bore at least 5 kg of fruits. Oh yes take a look at the shot we took last week.

Can't wait to harvest and enjoys its taste again!
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