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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

See You . . .

Temporarily, I will be inactive in the world of blogging. I will be out for 6 months. See you then.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hello I am Back

We had a 3 day vacation after I graduated from law school. Yes you read it right, I finally finished my 4 year course in LLB. Law school days are over but it was not the end, since the greater pressure and test will be coming, comes September 2010 - the BAR Examination.

We had a family bonding and at the same time unwinding ourselves from the hectic and busy schedules. We did take a short break just before going to my review classes in Manila. Alas! How time flies so fast. March is about to end and my things are not yet fully settled. Gosh! I have to pack my things and my books.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Gold - one of the most common yet precious metals on earth. Its chemical symbol is Au, which means aurum in Latin or shining dawn, in the periodic table of elements. A lot of people want to own gold. Why? Because gold are widely use such as in coinage, jewelry or arts. Gold do not have salvage value, its prices kept on increasing, thus, a good form of business. Moreover, it does give financial security because around the world people readily accept it or exchange gold for money. That is why, many engage in gold mining due to the demand of gold worldwide. Further, a lot of people presently engage in gold buying and selling. So, if you are interested to buy gold, you may do so online. You can find a lot of sites offering such services.

Friday, March 19, 2010

After the Buzy weeks

Hello World! Its summer time in the Philippines. We usually have 37.9 degree Celsius temperature. It is very humid ; plus the drought plus the series of blackouts plus the shortage of water! As what I told a blogger friend, we are experiencing global warming! But it isn't that bad, we Filipinos usually find ways to lessen the problems in our own special way. Mga Pinoys agree ba kayo sa akin?

Anyway, it has been two long weeks since I hopped and update my blog. I was so busy. My daughter graduated in the pre-school last 13 March 2010.

So we decided to give her a kiddie party. Since she really loves to swim, we chose to held it at a hotel poolside. So I was so busy preparing for the party, such as making reservation, prizes for the parlor games and some giveaways for the children who attended.

Then, my final examination began. So my last two weeks was so toxic and hectic. Whew! I am so thankful that it was finally over.

My 4 years in the law school just ended. However, the penitence will be starting soon. My classmates and I are preparing for a more hectic and pressured life - that is, preparing for the bar examination. I hope I could make it. But one thing I am sure of, I will be inactive in the blog world for 6 months, I think.
Although, I could visit my blog from time to time just to maintain my sanity. Just to let go of the pressure.

This coming April will be the start of the review classes. What adds to my dilemma is, I will be away from my hubby and my daughter during the duration of my review, since I will be staying in Manila, about 1 hour and 45 minute away via plane from the place where we are staying. I really hope I could stand up to the pressure and loneliness especially when I will be homesick, missing my family.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Its Harvest Time

Harvest time! Not in farmville - I do not play games in Facebook because I do not want to be an addict of such games, otherwise I will miss a lot of readings to which I could not afford due to time constraint. Anyway, we harvested the green grapes in the farm since the red ones are not yet ripe. We placed it inside a clear plastic bag. We had a great time with some friends with us. Take a look!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Headaches Due To Eye Problem

My husband used to complain about headaches. I was wondering what could be the cause of such pain. So I always asked him to take some medicines to ease up his pain. When his headache persisted, we went to a doctor and the doctor told him to consult an ophthalmologist. When we visited one of the diplomate doctors for the eyes in our place, he found out that my husband is near sighted. He recommended eyes glasses for my husband. So he started to measure my husband's vision to know the proper lens that fits his vision. My husband also chose the frames for his glasses that fit his face and taste. Further, his doctor suggested for a lens transition. Transitional lenses refer to those eye glasses which change its color when directed or get contact with the sun's reflection. The eye glasses turns darker and function as sunglasses but when there is no sunlight or inside a room the lenses will be clear again. However, the price is a little expensive. Anyway, my husband decided to purchase the transitional lenses because he will no longer need to buy another pair of sunglasses. So I said, the price is already reasonable. After a week, his eye glasses arrived. He enjoys his glasses and the headache - gone!

Lazy me

I was so lazy to update my blog last Sunday . . . I did not even hop! Well, I guess I was so engrossed and worried with our presentation in school. At last we already did all the things needed to be done. So Gonna hop now!
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