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Monday, May 25, 2009

I did it again!

Yes! I did it again! I arrange some flowers! When I was small, I have a passion to arrange flowers but I have not develop such because my parents cannot afford to sent me to a flower arrangement course. However, my passion had not died until today. What I did was, I searched for some site which offers free tutorial on flower arrangement and I landed on the site of Judy Babb. She was really great. She can really help you arrange some flowers. I am one of her subscribers, wherein she send you some newsletter about flower arrangement and provide you with easy steps as to how to arrange flowers on different occasions. So I have learned through her newsletter, ideas and suggestions! Try to check her site! You will surely enjoy.

These are the flowers which I arranged using Judy's ideas!

1 comment:

Judy Babb said...


Your arrangements are just gorgeous. I am so thrilled that you are using my newsletter lessons for yourself. Keep up the great work!

Judy Babb
P.S.: Thank you so much for the kind words in your blog, I appreciate it very much.

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