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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Protect Your Home

Which do you prefer in protecting your home? A large dog or a baseball bat by the front door? Bars on your windows and doors? It may help in some way but not as reliable as a wireless security system.

With GE Home Security System, protection is made easy. The prices of their various packages suit your budget. They offer the best services that will surely satisfy you. Because they have the best price in Home Security; best Home Security Product in the Industry; State of the art UL Listed Security Technology; Protect Your Home with 24/7 Security Monitoring; Guaranteed Locked in Security Monitoring Rates; Super Flexible Home Security Packages; Lifetime Alarm System Replacement Parts Warranty; and up to 20% Off Homeowners Insurance. GE Home Security gives you peace of mind when it comes to safety of your family and home.

Take for instance their Copper Package. It includes: Talking Control Panel; one Motion Detector; three Entry Points; Internal Siren and Door Chime; Battery Backup; One Button Arming; three window Decals and one Yard Sign. The Copper Package’s regular price is at $295 but today it is for FREE. All you have to do is pay the monitoring fee for $29.95 per month.

Never take your family’s safety for granted. Have a GE Home Security System! Call them now at their Toll free number at 877-470-2751. Plus if you call that specific number and order you get two keychain remotes.



Next week will be my last week in this job. My replacement will come over next week and I will train her as to the various tasks that she will be encountering as Quality Administrator. I know she will be overwhelm as to the reports she will be posting at the official web page of this company. But I know she will surpass and be able to do it all. My job is not that complicated anyway. At first look it is as if complicated but its more of a routine job. I believe she will be able to master the process in about 2 weeks and at most for a month. Hehehehehe! Wish her all the best!

For Your Flooring

Chicago is the largest City in the U.S of State of Illinois. It is the third-most populous city in the United States. Chicago has a lot of attractions such as beautiful homes. A beautiful home includes beautiful floorings. Some flooring companies may specialize in specific types of flooring. This is especially true of carpeting and hardwood simply because these are probably the two most popular types of flooring. An uneven floor, an unusual angled room, or the need of a special adhesive will be taken care of with ease by Chicago flooring company as they work with special situations every day.

If you are living in that area or near that area and you need some floor repairs or if you tired of looking at your floorings or you want to repair your flooring or change carpets or tiles, worry no more because C.A.C. Chicago Flooring is there to assists you. They are proud to offer their services especially to you. They specialize on Chicago flooring services, tiles, carpets and multi room. This flooring company has a crew of employees that are well trained and knowledgeable about the company’s products and services. They also offer a high quality services to the satisfaction of their clients. Check their site today and do your own examination that will surely give you satisfaction.


My mother's bestfriend who undergone operation due to ovarian cyst is positive for stage 2 Cancer. She is like a mother to me. All of us are sadden by such news, especially my mother. My mom's BFF will undergo Chemotherapy for 4 months starting this June and it will cost Php 35,000 per month. It was a tragic news for her daughter, my blogger friend who introduce me to the World of Blogging, Ana of Love for All time . I know that she will work harder to earn the money for her mother's medication because she is her family's bread winner. Of course, we will help her in any way we can. We hope that her mother's medication will be successful and be a survivor of the big "C".

Our Agape love and prayers for you Ana and your family.

Love Cars

Do you love cars? Are you planning to buy one or add one? Well, a lot of people loves car but differs on their style, color and brand. However, others have a hard time choosing for the car that really suits them. Take a look at this car site. Wherein it does discussed about different kinds and brands of cars and about people who create cars. This site can give you a mind set as to what car to purchase. It has a three part original and independent car reviews. The first part covers the review about car designs. The second part talks about covers interior and user experience. The last part is all about car performance. Moreover, they also provide some car videos by brands or category such as BMW videos, Jaguar videos, Honda video and a lot more. If you prefer shorter car review, you could also take a look at their Quick Test under the Channels tab. They assure that all their car reviews are up to date because they post new car reviews every week! This site has a lot of features for you to have a wise decision, for you to enjoy and be updated of what’s new in the car industry.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I want to share my horizon shot to all of you:

To Build Our Dream House

Building a home is both exciting and demanding. That is why proper planning is a must. We must first take into consideration are the expenses or calculations, the kind of design and materials to be use. Another factor need to think about is the builder or contractor who will make your dream house a reality. It is wise to research the background of such builders such their performance or track record of performance, the quality of their services, what are their field of specialization and comments from former clients. Otherwise, your dream house will be doomed and your investment will be useless. So making research is a very wise step. I guess we can make wiser decision if we delve into every minute thing and we listen to persons who had undergone in such circumstance. Take for instance, if you are looking for a San Antonio Home Builder, then Renaissance Builders is your solution. They offer high quality and affordable services. You can check their performance and workmanship by visiting houses they built or you can take a look at their ongoing project to examine as to the veracity of their claim. It may take some of our time but this will really help in the fulfillment of our dream home. As they say, “we will reap what we sow”.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I was a member of Associated Content for sometime. I was paid $10 in their promotion last year. This site is open to all who wants to write just about anything and you will get paid if people gonna view what you have written. They also give out a list of topics for you to write either, you write it just for performance or write it for a fee. Yes there are topics that AC will pay you if you will be eligible. Check out their site!

Please also view my ACs:

Long Distance Relationship

Do you believe in Long Distance Relationships? Some say that it is hard to have a long distance relationship because there are factors which affect the feeling of both couple leading to break ups such as not communicating regularly and properly and a third party. Others were able to keep their relationship and are successful. Do you want to know the secrets of a successful Long Distance Relationship? Take a look at It is a Community Website for anyone in a Long Distance Relationships (LDR) or interested in this topic. The site features articles that provide advice and tips about long distance love. You’ll also find forums, videos, and testimonials from people who experienced long distance love. This site is very different from other LDR websites because provides good services which will certainly help anyone in this type of relationship to cope with the separation and succeed.

My Decision

I have 1o more days to go before I say goodbye to Dyncorp. Yesterday, I already sent messages containing my words of appreciation and goodbyes to my boss and to my co-employees. They were sadden but they supported me in my chosen decision. Well, I know I will miss my job here, my friends, my early blogging here, my free internet connection and especially my monthly cell phone load! hehehehehehe!

On the other hand, my Mediation Family is just waiting for me to return especially my Best friend. My hubby also awaits the June 6th because his burden will be lessen since I will help him out with our electrical business.

Well, there are advantages and disadvantages to the decision I made but I still believe that my daughter's needs is above compare to my career. I believe every mothers agrees to my belief.

Online Maternity Dress and Baby clothes Store

Motherhood is really a blessing. Every couple who wish to have a child prepare everything to welcome their little bundle of joy. One of the things that couple prepare is clothing both for the mother and baby. Having a baby means new or additional wardrobe for the mother, she needs some Maternity Dress and some Hooter Hider. Every pregnant woman wants to look good and beautiful while pregnant. Pregnant women usually go for nice, comfortable and sexy maternity dresses that suit their taste. Ofcourse, both dad-to-be and mom-to-be also enjoys shopping for baby clothes and other stuff for the baby, such as furniture and toys. Thanks to modern technology, choosing such stuff or Nursery Ideas is easier because online store provide such. Take a look at this site where they offer an array of collection of maternity dress and baby stuffs. They also proffer free delivery when you order or purchase over $50.

Had A Nice Lunch

We had a nice lunch today! My hubby and my daughter went to Jollibee and take out our all time favorite Chicken Joy! They went to my office and we ate our lunch together under an Acacia Tree (bien fresco gayod!). We did have a great time! I guess most filipinos love chicken joy! Agree?

Jollibee is the number 1 fast food chain in the Philippines. My daughter is one of the avid fans of Jollibee since she was about 6 month old. When she turned about 9 month old to 1 year she addressed Jollibee as Jaja. I guess every Filipino parents know how Jollibee hypnotized kids.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Calling All Jews

Are you a full blooded Jewish or half blood? Or you came from a Jewish heritage? Do you want to have some Jewish friends? Search no more for there is a site that calls for all Jewish people! You can now chat with fellow Jewish in a Jewish Chat room. This cool site is otherwise known as Jewish Chat City. This is a means to unite Jews from all over the world. Take your time to get to know other Jews, chat with them, speak with them or make them as one of your friends. We all know that Jews has colorful and interesting traditions to which fellow Jews can fully understand. You can share your experience and have fun. What are you waiting for? Connect with other Jews. Be a member of Jewish Chat City. Form is available at their site. Membership is 100% free. Grab your computer and web camera and log into their site. Experience a new way to meet people online. Chat with them live. Have fun with a new wave of communication with Jewish Chat City.

Visit this site today where Jewish meet, chat and have pleasurable time. A chat room where Jewish will definitely find entertainment.

I did it again!

Yes! I did it again! I arrange some flowers! When I was small, I have a passion to arrange flowers but I have not develop such because my parents cannot afford to sent me to a flower arrangement course. However, my passion had not died until today. What I did was, I searched for some site which offers free tutorial on flower arrangement and I landed on the site of Judy Babb. She was really great. She can really help you arrange some flowers. I am one of her subscribers, wherein she send you some newsletter about flower arrangement and provide you with easy steps as to how to arrange flowers on different occasions. So I have learned through her newsletter, ideas and suggestions! Try to check her site! You will surely enjoy.

These are the flowers which I arranged using Judy's ideas!

Loans for You

In this difficult times, it wise to start even a small business to help in the daily expenses. If you are interested to loan money for a small business, try this Small Business Loans. They offer fast approval of your application and giving faster funding. Visit them today!

Last Day

Last Saturday was the last day of my daughter's swimming lesson. They were given certificate, she was so proud showing her certificate!

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Furniture Store

A house is empty without furniture. Do you agree? I know you would! If you want some furniture to fill up your home, office or replace some old furniture, you can visit this Furniture Store called Furniture From Home. They have an array of collection from Home Office Furniture to Storage Beds. Their site is so arrange. They systematically arrange it for you to find easily the furniture you want or need. Plus they also provide some furniture tips and a guide as to how to take good care of the furniture which others do not offer. You may purchase furniture in their establishment or online and the delivery is FREE. They also offer some 30% off on some items. For more information and furniture collection, visit their site today!


Cause your love has kept me glow
Over the years it grow
Not a single moment it stop
Never it'll die
I may not be perfect but, your love blaze
Even in darkest day

There is no fear in love
They say it is as strong as death is
And that love covers a multitude of sin
That's what I believe in
Do you?

Life may not be that perfect
But when it is being coupled with love
It can be near to perfection

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Finding a Home

Finding a home is difficult. But thanks to some online real estate, finding and choosing our preferred abode is no longer a problem. For example, the Wilmington NC Real Estate focused on entirely on the satisfaction of their buyer/clients. They help their clients through saving time and money when purchasing Wilmington NC Homes and providing them with an exceptional level of service that you would not find anywhere else when purchasing Wilmington NC Real Estate and Wilmington NC Homes for Sale.

What is more appealing is that Wilmington NC Real Estate is supporting to rescue homeless animals from the humane society. So, you will not only gain a home to stay but as well as extending help to homeless animals.


I read a certain article which discussed about our respective precious possession. If you are to ask what would be your precious possession? I know there a lot of precious things we owe, but which is the most precious to you?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


My husband has a business of his own. He usually forgets where he saves his documents. I tell you, he is a good businessman but a poor filer. I know my husband is not alone. There are big establishments, firms, institutions, businesses, companies and the like having such problem as to how to file their important documents or setting up their respective data bases. We all know that for every company or firm, they have their own ways and needs to store their files. Don’t you know that there are softwares that can do the job? The FileMaker. The FileMaker is designed or concentrates on Database Development. The File Maker Pro database has developed to meet the needs and provide solutions to every industry which includes the entertainment companies, school districts, trade association and etc.

There are variety of FileMaker that customized for each company and situation to enhance their specific database or to meet the specific requirement of each industry. They have the FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum; Filemaker Pro Plug-ins; Database integration or secure server transaction or credit card services and a lot more. Another feature of this Database Services is that they can performed their system at your location or off-site. They really offer such services whichever suit you.

For more information about Database Development, visit their site today!

Skip Lunch?

I did not take my lunch! No I do not starved myself, my officemates brought some lasagna and cassava-buko cake. We ate those around 10:30a.m. by the time the clock struck 12nn. I am still full. And up to now I still have not eaten the lunch I brought, may be at 3pm I will eat it. Hopefully my office mates will not call me and offering delicious snack! Oh no! How can I reduce my weight! Hay! I guess this one of the things that I will miss after June 6.


Transportation is said to be a means of movement of people and goods or both from one place after another through land, sea and air. In our modern world other means of transportation is also available by using cables, pipeline and even a space transportation.

Transportation is a part of our lives. Without such, conveyance may take too long or may be impossible. That is why, some people did engage in a transportation business to better serve the public. Some provide public utility transport; some provide private transport services such as private charters and cars for rent. Some also extent their services to those individuals who preferred to have nice, special and elegant cars. Take for instance, the Boston Limousine Services. They provide limousine services for weddings, proms, bachelor or bachelorette party limos, corporate or limousine transportation for all occasion within Boston or any of the surrounding areas. Boston Limousine offers high quality services and most reliable. This is a new way to pampered yourself and to have a grand entrance in the party or occasion you are going. Feel like a celebrity in having the services of Boston Limousine.

Try Boston Limousines, you are in good hands for sure. They are always there when you need them. Visit their site today!

Enrollment Starts

Well summertime is about to end. I am now preparing the list of supplies that my daughter need for her school. I saw the announcement that the enrollment is ongoing. But in her school, enrollment is in the alphabetical order which they use surname as basis. Since our surname starts with letter L, our schedule will be May 22, 2009. That will be tomorrow. I am planning that we will buy her school supplies on Saturday. Good that we already purchase her school shoes. So we will just roam in the school supplies department. Whew!

Happy and relaxing days are about to end. School time means hectic time for me and for my daughter!

And of course to all parents who will have a headache budgeting the money to spend for the tuition fees, school supplies and allowance for their respective children.

Christian Chat Rooms

Communication is one of the important elements in any relationship. It a way to express oneself and to let other people know how you feel, what are your interest, beliefs, dreams and aspirations. It also help to have an orderly society. It is also a way to gain friends whether it through personal dealings, via letters, via phones or through the internet. Without communication, it will be chaos everywhere.

Means of communication had also developed as technology advanced. You can now communicate with other persons worldwide.

If you are one of those persons who want to gain Christian friends online, try the Christian Chat City. It is a site designed for Christians to meet, make friends, chat and having fun. All you have to do is fill out the form in their site and start chatting to all the members around the globe. This Christian Chat rooms is 100% free. It is enough for you to have a computer, web cam and ofcourse online connection to join in such a chat room. Be entertained, gain new friends and have fun in this chat room. You can chat other members and see them live, so do not be afraid of false representation or pretention. What are you waiting for? Join this site and enjoy!

For more information regarding this site, take a personal look at it.

Another Paid Post Site

Hello to all Bloggers out there! I joined another paid post site of Izea. I am referring to Pay Per Post V4 Alpha. It is open to all bloggers. So if you are interested to join click this link. It is a new version of pay per post but still under development. Try this new site to earn some cash! Let us work hand in hand with PayPerPost V4, we need cash, they need bloggers to test their service. Be a member now!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Home Remodeling

Decorating and remodeling of our respective homes is one of our favorite past time. As for me, I usually surf the net to look for some ideas as to how to decorate my home. I usually look into the websites of those whose line of business is interior design and remodeling. However, without having a professional doing the job, the outcome is somewhat not that good and most of the time costly. Are you one of those people who are looking for a professional remodeling contractor to do the job for you? Stop looking because Ultimate Construction, Inc. is the right one for you. They specializes on major-minor remodeling; floor-carpet, wood, laminate, tiles; kitchen and bath; doors, windows, decks and Witchita Remodeling Services.

A lot of people do remodel their house maybe because it is better to remodel than to construct a new one and to replace some broken stuff inside their respective home or maybe tired of looking at old things and design inside their home. It is very important to have a wise decision in choosing remodeling contractor. It is better to choose a remodeling contractor which offer both high quality services and at a lower cost.

For more information regarding remodeling visit their Wichita Remodeling now.

I arranged some flowers yesterday. Take a look! Does it look good to you? I hope!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Local Chat room

A lot of online chat rooms are available in the net. Some are for the general public, others for business and others are just for their circle of friends. Online chatting is a medium for dating nowadays. I have known a lot of people who had find their old friends, new friends and someone special by using this medium of communication. Most people would use this kind of communication just to enjoy or to avoid boredom. Are you one of those people who look for specifically designed chat room?

Take a look at this online chat room especially designed for locals. Join this online dating for you to get a chance to know somebody interesting in your local area. Grab your computer with your web cam to watch other locals live. Get a chance to get to know them better, make them one of your friends and have fun talking and watching them via the internet. Visit this local chatroom for you to have a unique way to find friends. Let them know that you are interested in meeting new people by filling out the form online. Membership is 100% FREE. Experience the joy of meeting friends online with Local Chat City. Be a member now.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our Grape Vines

We went to our farm yesterday and look what I saw. . . Our grape vines are starting to bear fruits.

Learn About Vegas

Want to have a weekend or a vacation at the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas? Take a visit at They could provide you information about where to stay, where to go in Las Vegas and most especially, Las Vegas Discounts to save you of your time and money. For instance, in their site you can find a show section, in that section, you will know that best selling shows such as Cirque du Soleli shows, Blue Man Group and others has discounts. Another is that could direct you to special promotions of the different Las Vegas hotel official websites. Most offers are fully refundable. No third parties are involved. You deal directly with the hotel. Further, they are one of the largest discount websites online for Las Vegas.

So if you want to learn more of Las Vegas and discounts or promotions, visit! You will have a great time visiting Las Vegas for sure.


Do you like dolphins? I do! They are amazing. I wish I could take a swim with them. When we went to Subic's Ocean Adventure, we inquire as to how much will it cost us if we swim with the dolphins, I was so surprise to learn that it will cost us Php 3,000.00 for each person! So we ended up just looking at them from a distance.

Looking for Roofer?

Roofing protects us from rain, sun and other harmful elements. Proper roofing is our main objective especially during rainy season otherwise; our ceiling, appliances, walls, beds and other things inside our house will be destroyed in the event water will seep in. If left undone, the more costly it becomes. So if you need a reliable and dependable roofer, contact All American Roofing, Inc. They specialized in San Jose Roofing, roofing contractor and roofing service and maintenance.

You can contact State Contractors’ Licensing Board to assure that which of those San Jose Roofer has adequate licensure or you can also call the Better Business Bureau to check if there is any unsatisfied clients or any complaint against any San Jose Roofer. In this way, you could check out which San Jose Roofer is the best among the roofers in their list. You will find out that All American Roofing Ins. is one of the dependable and reliable roofers.

Moreover, All American Roofing Inc. does not concentrate on having a big profit; rather, their goal is to give great service to their customer. They are a quality based establishment and they try to provide best products at the most affordable price. To save money and time on your roof call All American Roofing Inc.

A Rainy Monday

So cold! I crave for some hot soup. It's raining today, that is why. You know rainy days is the best way to stay at home, eat and sleep. Agree? I know some would agree with me. Alas, I have to wake up early to go to work. I wish its June 6 already! If that time comes, I will wake up at 10a.m! After a week or so I will go back to be a part time mediator again. Yes I did applied to be a Supreme Court Mediator in our place. I became inactive when I start working here at Dyncorp. After resting 1 week, I will be active in mediating again. This kind of job is really exhausting but fun. Just imagine you will be facing other people's problem, try to let them compromise or settle their problem to avoid court proceedings. As we all know some cases in courts can be fixed if both parties talk and tried to understand each other. This will lessen the cases filed in court. This job is very challenging and at the same time fulfilling.

Good Morning everyone!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Have a Direct TV

Do you experience poor television reception? It is time to switch to directtv.
Have you heard about direct TV? Direct TV functions somewhat similar to cable TV but far better due to its high quality picture and sound. It provides more than 130 national channels. Presently Direct TV is the number one digital satellite entertainment service provider. They have created programming services to cater the needs to their clients and offer more selection of channels. You can be certain that they provide high quality services that suits your budget and you will definitely notice your money’s worth.
For a crystal clear reception, have a Direct tv!


I was surprised that my daughter's swimming instructor told me that the swimming schedule for tomorrow is at 7:00 am! It is so early. I am a late person, actually, I sleep late and would wake up late. As my friends usually describe me as a bat. Sleepy during day time, active during night time. So I better stop blogging to have a good night sleep for tomorrow's event.

Happy weekend to all!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Chat for Single Parents

It is better to spend our lifetime with someone special. Someone we could talk to, we can lean on to, someone we can share our interests and dreams to and someone to be just there for us no matter what. We may find someone along the way but had end up in a not so good situation and eventually decided to part ways. But things would be a lot better if we keep on looking for the right one to come our way. If you are a single parent, looking for some friends who are also single parent, Single Chat City may be the right site for you. You will find hundreds of single parent members worldwide in this chat rooms. Do not worry about membership fee because it is 100% FREE. The only requirement of this chat room is that you must fill out the membership form available on their site. Afterwards, grab your computer and web cam. You can now enjoy and have fun by meeting fellow single parents online, make friends and chat.

Visit the site today. Many people are already having a great time chatting and meeting friends online. Why not take same opportunity as well? Join the Single Parent Chatrooms now.

My 311th

This is my 311th post. Wow! I cannot believe I have come this far! After nearly a year of blogging, I have find so many friends online, though we never meet personally. I have had a chance to write most of my thoughts in this blog and I hope by the time I turn 1 year, I will already have 500 posts! I hope! That is my target! This blog gonna turn 1 sometime in July, so I have more than 2 months to write my 189 posts to complete my 500 target. hehehehehehe!

Web Hosting Info

Web hosting is the modern way to keep your web page going and loading. They are giving their services to those person or company or organization to have their web page running and available to the World Wide Web. They provide space on a server they own or lease to be use by their clients or end users. Web hosting providers also provide internet connectivity in a data center so that their users can readily upload files in their web page.

If you are looking for a web host service or planning to change a better web hosting services, you could log on to Web Hosting Geeks. They have the top ten Web Hosting Providers for 2009. They could help you decide to which web hosting suit you or which web hosting is the best for your web site. The focus of Web Hosting Geek is to provide you with simple information, list of reliable web hosting providers, tips and web hosting reviews to help you decide which to choose.

Web hosting geek are giving best web hosting awards to those web hosts in the industry, who had proven their worth to give the best quality services to its end users. All of their certified providers are carefully examined by experienced webmasters to provide service that may require by the end users.

Visit Web Hosting Geek to have a better choice of web hosting providers!


Thank Goodness Its Friday! Yes its Friday once again. How time flies! Tomorrow is another weekend. How will I spend my weekend tomorrow? Well, in the morning, I am going to join the field ministry together with my hubby and daughter and maybe in the afternoon we will be going to our farm. My brother called me up last night that he harvested some bananas. Well I we will be bringing those with us and maybe gonna give it to some of our friends. What is special from those bananas we have is that, it is free from chemical fertilizers. My brother uses purely organic fertilizers, free from herbicides and pesticides. And I can tell that the bananas we have taste different from the local banana available in the market and groceries. I believe those people who taste organic vegetables and fruits will agree with me that organic products taste better.

Have a happy weekend ahead to all!

Rustic Furniture

What comes your mind when you think of rustic furniture? It is not a rusty furniture, instead, a new type of furniture that brings additional spark and style into your home. You could visit Scenic Furniture for a glimpse of this type of furniture. Scenic Furniture uses woods like cedar, hickory, oak, walnut, and maple in rustic furniture because these woods show natural beauty giving you a rustic feel with wood grains that show age and strength in their beauty.

I really like the effect and beauty of natural wood, they are natural work of art. I could say that it will surely adds life in our home. Other people will definitely appreciate and take notice in this kind of furniture.

Visit Scenic Furniture, they have an array of collection of rustic furniture for you to choose from.

Receive an email

I just received an email from a friend. That Adidas Philippines wanted some old shoes to give as donation to Pamulaan Center for Indigenous People's Education. They have the following condition on their promotion :

1. Bring in your old shoes to over 100 participating adidas stores nationwide.
2. In exchange of your old shoes, get:
Php 500 OFF your new purchase worth Php 1,500-Php 2,999
Php 1,000 OFF your new purchase worth Php 3,000 and up
3. 1 pair of shoes is equal to one discount value.
4. They only accept sports shoes of any brand and shoes have to be in decent condition and still functional.
5. Promo period runs May 1 - 17, 2009

After my daughter's swimming lesson, I will ask my hubby to accompany me to the adidas outlet and I will bring my old rubber shoes to buy new one! hehehehehe How about you? Let's help Adidas' in their endeavor to help indigenous people.

For Your Electrical Need

Electricity plays a major part in our daily living. Without it, modern technology maybe useless and we will be in darkness. However, electricity may also cause hazard if mishandled like having octopus connection, tampering, sub standard connection or unsafe connection.

Statistic shows that electricity is one of the common causes of death and destruction of properties due to faulty electrical connection. That is why a lot of people have fear on electricity. But we cannot do away with it. Wherever we go, we need electricity.

In our respective homes, replacement of switches, convenience outlet or fixtures and rewiring may require. In such scenario we need to look for a good electrician to do the job. A reliable electrician and contractor shall meet the standard of IEEE or any electrical standard code and specification. If you need one, R & B Tampa Electrician Inc. can surely meet your electrical needs. They specialize on Tampa Electricians, electrical contractor, electrical service and installations and electrical maintenance. No matter how minute or simple the task may be they are happy to be of good service to you. They offer high quality services to meet the satisfaction of their clients at a reasonable price. Visit their site today for more information.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ovarian Cyst

My Mom's bestfriend had undergone surgery yesterday at 8am (Philippine Time). She went out of the operating room at about 1:30pm. What had led her to her surgery? She had an ovarian cyst. According to the doctor it was about the size of a 7 month old baby in a woman's womb. My mom was really crying when her BFF entered the Operating Room.

What is an ovarian cyst? Wikipedia defined ovarian cyst as "any collection of fluid, surrounded by a very thin wall, within an ovary. Any ovarian follicle that is larger than about two centimeters is termed an ovarian cyst. An ovarian cyst can be as small as a pea, or larger than a cantaloupe.

Most ovarian cysts are functional in nature, and harmless (benign). In the US, ovarian cysts are found in nearly all premenopausal women, and in up to 14.8% of postmenopausal women.

Ovarian cysts affect women of all ages. They occur most often, however, during a woman's childbearing years.

Some ovarian cysts cause problems, such as bleeding and pain. Surgery may be required to remove cysts larger than 5 centimeters in diameter."

Some of the symptoms that a woman experience having an ovarian cyst are the following:

  • Dull aching, or severe, sudden, and sharp pain or discomfort in the lower abdomen (one or both sides), pelvis, vagina, lower back, or thighs; pain may be constant or intermittent -- this is the most common symptom
  • Fullness, heaviness, pressure, swelling, or bloating in the abdomen
  • Breast tenderness
  • Pain during or shortly after beginning or end of menstrual period.
  • Irregular periods, or abnormal uterine bleeding or spotting
  • Change in frequency or ease of urination (such as inability to fully empty the bladder), or difficulty with bowel movements due to pressure on adjacent pelvic anatomy
  • Weight gain
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Fatigue
  • Infertility
  • Increased level of hair growth
  • Increased facial hair or body hair
  • Headaches in some cases
  • Strange ribs pains, which feel muscular
  • Bloating
  • Occasionally, strange nodules that feel like bruises under the layer of skin
  • Feeling of lumps on the lower abdomen

Physical and medical examination is really of great help. Regular visit to the doctor also can help us to detect it early. If only my mom's bestfriend knew that she had one while it was still new, she should not had undergone operation and spend big cah. Anyway, she is recuperating now, the important thing is that she safe and healthy.

Meet Friends Online

Having a friend means to have someone understand you, listen to you, share your interest and would definitely stand for you no matter what. Friends also are ready to forgive you and tell you of the truth no matter how it hurts. Friends do understand more especially if they too experience what you experience. Take for instance, handicapped people. Fellow handicapped would relate better, would understand better the feelings of fellow handicapped. If you are looking for handicapped friends you may visit Wheelchair Chat City.

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I just woke up from my nap! hehehehehe. I feel energized! I was really sleepy this morning, so I did not take my lunch, instead I slept. I am already hungry but I have to wait until three pm for snack time for me to grab some food.

Its already in the middle of May and school is about to start. Grrrrrrrh! Unfortunately, I was not able to start my review yet. I hope I can cope up with the long list of books to read! Hay! I am really waiting for June 6 for me to start burning the night candle.

Have a great day to all!

Las Vegas

Las Vegas! What comes into your mind when you think of Las Vegas? For me I imagine that it is a place where a lot of flashing lights, casinos and gambling, fine dining, shopping, hotels and entertainment.

Las Vegas, which bills itself as The Entertainment Capital of the World, is famous for the number of casino resorts and associated entertainment. Although Las Vegas is a city in a dessert, many people really dream of coming to Las Vegas. Some wants to go and visit Vegas to gamble. But as for the others they visit Las Vegas to be entertained by watching shows and have fun.

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Count Down

I have 22 days more to end my days as a working mother. I will surely miss my job, on other hand, I am happy because I will spend more time with my daughter and my studies.

My experience of having work here is great and I never regret spending more than a year here. I have not encountered any trouble with my boss nor any of my co-employees.

My boss is already starting to look for my replacement and I hope he will find one immediately before the end of the month because most of my work are being done at the end of every month.

For Your Steering Needs

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An Addict

My preggy sister is an addict of Gardenia Bread, especially the raisins and ube flavor. However, it is not available in our local malls and bakeries. Likewise not available in their place too. Its a good thing that LBC is catering the services of ordering and delivering of Gardenia Bread in most parts of the Philippines. They offer three types of package. My husband and sent 2 packages to my sister and she immediately thank us via yahoo messenger. We also ordered package 3 for us and we already ate some. Its delicious!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Black BBW Dating

Dating online is very common nowadays. It brings hope to those persons who had a hard time looking someone they will spend their life with. However, finding someone who is compatible may also be problem. If you are a Black BBW, this site may suit you. is a website for big beautiful ebony women and men. It is 100% free to create a profile and browse all the black BBW personals. Signup today! Start meeting, make friends with ebony BBWs or begin a Black BBW dating and have fun!

Big Sister

My big sister is about to give birth sometime in July, meaning, we will have an additional member of our family. We are all excited because the last time we have a baby in the family was 3 years ago. We hope that he will be a healthy baby boy. My sister is already nervous. Although she is older than I am, its her first time to give birth since I got married ahead of her. We hope that she will have a normal delivery.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Swimming Lesson

My hubby and I decided to enroll our daughter in a short lesson on swimming. We believe that learning how to swim is important for her to learn for this may save her life. But as for now, we want her to enjoy because she really loves the water. When I saw her yesterday doing some strokes and floating, I was so amazed that she learn it so easily. After her class, she ran into me and excitedly discussed that there are many types of float, not just the one I taught her, but there are other types, the front float, the turtle float and the jelly fish float. And she discussed it with demonstration! I was so happy seeing her having a great time.

Interracial Dating Site

Have you ever thought why God made us different? Different in colors, looks and customs? Perhaps he wants to see diversity. However, what is more appealing, he never places any race in the number one spot. He looks into the heart and treated us all equal no matter how we look or what races we belong.

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People Come and Go

People Come and go in our life. Some we just forget, some we remember, but some really touches our life. This latter ones leaves trails within our heart and soul. Those who leave a positive trail are the ones that molds us and always behind us no matter what, made us brave and made us face various trials in life. However, some traces may be hurtful, made us mad and stumble sometimes, on the other hand, it did make us stronger.

No matter what people do in our life, the important thing is we learn. We have learn to face life, we have contentment, we learn to be happy, happy with the path we took, and most of all we have learn LOVE.

Have a happy day to all!!!!

Guide to Home Security

All people want to be secure in their own home. Free from burglary or robbery, rape and even death. Protecting our home also means the safety of our family. That is why a lot of homeowners are turning into home security systems. This type of securities is reliable like installing some cameras, perimeter alarms and the like. Never be afraid to invest your money in such gadgets because no amount of cash can replace your safety and your family.

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Its Raining

After having a long humid, hot summer days now comes the rain! It's raining! The sky was bright when I went to work this morning. After having my short nap, I was surprise that my seems gloomy then I started to hear rain drops. A lot of people gonna catch colds (definitely not swine flu!) in this kind of whether. When there is a sudden change of climate my husband for sure will have slight asthma attack.

Have A Date and Find Love

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Finally . . .

I am counting down to June 6, 2009. No special occassion, it's just that on that day, my resignation will effective. Yes, finally I decided to stop working to concentrate to become a fulltime mother and at the same time student. I am sad though, leaving my friends and my boss behind . . . but I have to, for my daughter's sake. When school starts in June, I am afraid we can no longer talk because while she was sleeping I will already go to work and upon getting home from the law school at 9 pm she was already asleep. Well, I do not want to be in that scenario again this school year. I have to strenghten the foundation of my daughter. I know I made the right decision.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Community Aggregator

Be a Blog Aggregator! I am an aggregator for sometime. They have a cool widget to display in your blog.

A Community Aggregator is similar to portal web application. It is otherwise known as the feed reader, news reader, blog portals or simply aggregator. It is a web application which organizes web content such as blogs, news headlines, podcats and the like. The advantage of an aggregator is that it reduces the time and effort needed to regularly check websites for updates. Moreover, it creates unique information. It displays blog posts from a group of closely related blogs or topic but separately hosted weblogs and provides newsfeeds to readers who are interested to subscribe.
Check my widget! Isn’t it cool?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Truth About BRA?

Enjoy as you read along the secret behind bra sizing. Ana shared those secrets to me and I want to share it to everyone. Have a good laugh!

"AND, just a thought for all the women out there........
MENtal illness, MENstrual cramps, MENtal breakdown,

Ever notice how all of women's problems start with men?........

When we have real trouble it's HISterectomy!!!!
Send this to all women to have a laugh
AND, don't! forget to have a mammogram!!!!!!

A Friend Is Like A Good Bra...

Hard to Find
Always Lifts You Up
Never Lets You Down or Leaves You Hanging"

Now we know why!!!!!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Love Story

Love Story sang by Taylor Swift is number 1 song in our place. My daughter is really crazy about that song. She memorized each line by just listening to that song in Myxx and over the radio. She even teach me the lines of the song.

Enjoy the music video of this song:

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