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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How About You?

What is the most precious possession you have?

Some people may say, their house ....
Some say, their car ...
some say, their education ...
Money, computer, cell phone and the list goes on and on

Yes all those are essential, all are precious and important. But those stated above or what you have in your mind may be useless without LIFE. Therefore, our most precious possession is our life. We may have all those things but if we do not have life we cannot enjoy using or possessing it. This can make us realized of how precious our life is. Even when our life is in danger, the common sense will tell us is to protect it or life preservation. Even the laws gives excuse or mitigates punishment when our action calls for protection of one's life.

Let us thank god for that. For blessing us life no matter what hardship we encounter.
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