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Friday, January 29, 2010

Good day To All!!!!

Wow! It's 2010, my last post here was on the 20th of December! I was really out of circulation. It was so busy especially when we reached Zamboanga, it was already our mid term examination. I really miss blogging!!!!!

Anyway, we did have a great vacation, however, on our way home my brother-in-law accidentally hit a seven year old girl in Aglayan Malaybalay, Bukidnon. You see how our 2010 started? We started it with a very big bang! My sister and I went to the hospital to know the status of the little girl, but when we reached the hospital, the girl's family planned to transfer the girl to a private hospital without first stabilizing the vital signs of the little girl or even introduced medication to have a free flow of oxygen in her body. Just imagine when they transferred the girl, none of the medical staff accompanied the girl in the ambulance. Then we have learned that there was no proper turn over or communication with the private hospital since the girl was left in the parking lot unattended. Thank goodness that a doctor attended to her after 2 hours and she did undergone medication and also undergone CT Scan. She had a serious head injury. How we pity the little girl. In my opinion, as if the girl's relatives and her mother just wanted her to die and just wanted to collect money from us. Since we did not paid the usurious and unconscionable amount they requested, they did file a reckless imprudence resulting to serious physical injury case against my brother in law. We bailed him out. As we are waiting for his summon, the girl's mother texted my sister and told her that she is already amendable with the offer we made. Next week they will be going back to Bukidnon to settle things up. I hope and pray that it will be successful and we also pray that the girl is already fine.

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