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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Worried for my Sisterhood

My elder sister resides in Davao City. She is pregnant with her second yet first baby. I say second yet first baby because she lost her first born after carrying him for nearly 7 months. She was devastated then. After mourning with her first baby boy, she got pregnant again. So another new member of the family will be coming soon. We are happy but at the same time worried because we know that anytime this week her bag of water gonna blast and she is far from where we are. My mother left last Monday to be with her. Having our mother besides her neither a relief. I remember when my younger sister gave birth and was having her labor pain, my mother was also crying and acting as if having her labor pain too. So as when I gave birth too. But what can we do, mothers will always be mothers. No matter how we grow old, in their eyes we are still their babies! I know the feeling because I am also a mother too. I cannot imagine myself to see my princess getting married and gosh! having her labor pain! Grhhhhhhhhh! So much for that.

I hope all is well with my sister and to her baby.

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