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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer Camp

Summer means vacation! It is a time for hiking, parties and going to places such as beaches. It is also a time to have a break from school works and assignments. In our place, people usually spend their summer on beaches or pools and some do visit their loved ones and relatives in other places.

Last summer, I enrolled my daughter in a Learn to Swim Summer Camp. She had instructors who had taught her how to float and how to perform the various swimming styles. Now she already know to swim. Actually, there are various Summer Camps in our place but I preferred swimming camp since my daughter loves the water but does not know how to swim.

Summer camps are very useful in the well being of every child. They can meet new friends from different background, schools and ages. It is also a way for them to learn new things and practical ideas. Plus, it does help the children to develop their Emotional Intelligent Quotient (EQ). Such summer camps do not only provide benefits for the children but it also help to build stronger family ties.

If you are looking for summer camps for your child or for your whole family, try Yovia. They are offering various summer camp events.




Dorothy L said...

Summer camps are awesome. They are character builders and they teach kids how to be a bit more independent. It is also a good healthy break for parents from their kids:)

janz said...

hi! i add this blog to my blog list! hope u do the same.. thnx

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