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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Dream Vacation

I am a lover of nature especially beaches. I already gone to some well known vacation places in the Philippines but among all the places I went, nothing beats my dream place - Palawan. I really wanted to visit Palawan since my college days but have not take the opportunity to do so... Maybe on the day certain. We have a sister in faith residing in Palawan, she is actually one of the municipal judges of Puerto Princessa, she invited us to visit her place, alas, we were not able to do so due to time constraint. Maybe after taking the bar (Wish ko lang!)

Take a glimpse of Palawan!

I know you will like it too!


hopeful said...

Palawan is a great place to visit. I never been there also, hope someday if there's a chance.

paulo said...

I want to go to Palawan too.. someday.. :D

paul said...

look at the clear water and the surrounding beauty..

thanks for sharing all these pictures with us, they're great!

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