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Friday, July 3, 2009

What Will You Do?

What will you do if you will find out that our child was being punished in school for misbehavior. Will you get mad? Will you talk to the teacher or what? Will you get mad if the teacher punished your child? I guess it depends upon the degree of the offense and the degree of the punishment.

Last night, as I was talking to my daughter, I got to know that one of her teachers punished her because she playfully threw a stick to her teacher. So the teacher got mad and let her faced the wall. I do not know as to how long she faced the wall. Actually, it slipped her tongue when she told me about it. I asked her, why did the teacher punished her? She told me, she is afraid that I will get mad at her. And I said, "no I will not get angry unless you lie. I would be happy to know from you rather than me talk to your teacher or I will get to know of her misbehavior from other people." And so she told me of the details. Even though I got mad but I kept my promise. I have not shown her that I was angry neither did I spank her because I believe if similar things happens, she will already keep it from me. My husband and I see to it that she hide nothing from us. And so I was able to talk and apologized for the misbehavior of my daughter. And the teacher told me that it was okey. Actually my daughter felt sorry and she did apologized.

1 comment:

odds and ends said...

That's a great idea on letting your child be honest as possible :D

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