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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Food is of vital need for us to live. It nourish our bodies and at the same time giving pleasure to our taste buds. Most people love to eat, however, some had a hard time to prepare some dish or find it hard to prepare delicious yet affordable foods.

Does the T-Bone Steak looks delicious? I bet it does! Particularly, it is a T-Bone Steak with garlic lime butter and watermelon feta salad. Do not be deceive that such food looks difficult to prepare and would really cost you a lot. To learn how to cook T-Bone Steak and other delicious yet affordable recipes, top chef contestant Ariane Duarte and iVillage is here to help you out, especially working moms. Actually, Ariane Duarte is a working mom herself and she demonstrated how to cook inexpensive steak dinners and other recipes in several videos. iVillage, on the other hand, is a site particularly intended for women's health, wellness, and beauty with a great deal of information on a plethora of topics. Moreover, iVillage provided some videos such as craft oriented videos, gift ideas and affordable summer recipes.

You Can See More Life Made Easy Videos Here. Those videos are sponsored by Walmart and anything you see in the videos can be purchased at Walmart.

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