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Friday, July 3, 2009


How helpful are directories? Are they really helpful? What is a directory? What is its purpose? Directories make our search easier since it organizes files, numbers, database, services and etc in an organized manner. Take for instance; just imagine yourself without a phone directory. I bet you will have a headache in finding numbers for homes, commercial, industrial, office or establishment and the like. Now, let us go to a larger scale. How can we find a systematic topic that interest us or research some subject matter without a web category? You will surely break your head in finding useful and arranged information in the topic you are researching.

Many people nowadays are very thankful for having directories online. They could find the subject matter they wanted. Others are also pleased to include their sites in the directories for people to read or visit.

Actually, a web directory is neither a search engine nor a list of web pages base on keywords; rather it is a list of web sites that are arranged categorically and sub-categorically. The category is based on on the whole web site. There are various types of directories. Most directories are of general in nature. One of the best examples of general directory is Yahoo! Directory, which is freely available to all. Another is the DMOZ. Some directories are limited since such directories are constraint in a certain region or concentrating to one or two languages or may be designed for specific sectors. Some directories are automated submission web directories and some are human-edited directories, such as SEO friendly web directory. Whatever type of directories are available in the World Wide Web, one thing for sure, it facilitate easy access and useful information to people around the world. It even assists to people to shop in the web.

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