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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our Lettuce

We went to the farm last Sunday. My hubby and I went to the garden and inspect the vegetables there and look at the emperor's lettuce :

We harvest it, made a salad and ate it. I also gave it to some friends and they love it. Have I told you that we are using organic fertilizers in our farm? I guess I did. One of my friends said that organically grown plants taste differently and healthier.


Ask Ms Recipe said...

Hi there,

I don't know what browser you use, but I went to internet explorer and the left side bar entrecard did not show up,but when I moved it to the right it loaded fine. Then I went to give you a shout and internet explorer would not open your page. After changing browsers you showed up fine.
i usually use opera, firefox or flock. I've heard of others having the same issue with IE.

Ask Ms Recipe

Walk With Me said...

Wow look so fresh! I really love lettuce.

eden said...

i love lettuce. it is good that you used organic fertilizer, very good for our body..hmmm yummy!

My Journey said...

mm...i look fresh... i like organic

story said...

Organic fertilizers are more healthful, the plants seem to flourish.

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