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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Fact That Women Need to Face

Around the globe and in most most cultures, women are viewed and treated as second class citizens or inferior. Even before, women were being prejudice. Don't you know that women before were not allowed to vote? But the women of New Zealand fight for their rights to be heard and of suffrage. That is why in the early 1800s they were the first women worldwide who were allowed to vote. However, in this modern and advanced world, some women are still experiencing prejudice and violence, even inside their home regardless of their race, status, social origin, age. According to one magazine "Gender-based violence in all its forms is an ongoing problem, even in the so-called developed world."

Statistics shows that it does really happen. Take for instance, 23% of women in South America suffers domestic violence; also, 1 in 4 women in Europe likewise suffer domestic violence during their lifetime. According to British Home Office in England and Wales, there was an average of 2 women each week were killed by their former or current partners.

I know that those statistics are not enough. There are women who suffered, who are suffering, who were killed without being reported. For some would not voice out or report to authorities because they want to save their marriage or their relationship, others are ashame to tell the truth, still others are afraid. Violence against women is a global problem. When will this end? We don't know but one thing for sure it will end in God's due time. A time where women are free from all prejudice, injustices and fear.

1 comment:

Dorothy L said...

Fantastic awareness post girl.
As I mentioned I do have a blog directed to abuse and please feel free to visit it.

It is a fact that abuse will not go away until the victims learn very early in life that they have rights against all abuse.
In so many situations the abuser continues because he feels no threat and he feels he has every right to abuse.

You are right in the fact that women have been abused for centuries. If women in the past just allowed it...we would never have won the right to vote, work in places deemed to be for men only ect.

We must keep teaching our children that abuse is wrong. It is forbidden.

Keep posting for womens rights girl. We need all the help we can get!

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