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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Not So Good

I just received the report card of my daughter, I am still happy with her grades though most of her grade got lower except for Science, it raised by 1 point. What despair me is that she is no longer belong in the top 10 of her class because she had a grade of 82, even though her average is high, the lowest qualifying mark is 83. But then I do not put so much pressure on her, she's just 5 years old and I don't want her life to be full of pressure and anxiety, I want her to grow normally as other kids do. Want her to explore life and how to be a real kid. Am I right or not?


budiawanhutasoit said... are absolutely right..don't put much pressure to your daughther.

btw, when i click the the words of comments of this article..the pop up is shown and direct me the following site :

i'm using firefox as my browser..

SariRAPET said...

just let it flows connie, I have 6 kids and they all are grown up now, sometime you need to push them, but some other time, just let them flow! have a great weekend!

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