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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

EDSA Revolution Day

The Philippines had celebrated the EDSA Revolution Day yesterday the 25th day of February. This was the first ever bloodless revolution of all time. This had happened in 1986 where the Marcos' regime ended by virtue of the People's Power which led to the rise of the Aquino administration. There were so many blood shed, so many rights were violated during the Martial Law. That is the Filipinos strive hard to free from such regime. I do not remember what had really happen because I was in my early elementary grade but from the history books it tells that priest, nuns, and thousands of civilians gathered and assembled themselves in EDSA and there they were putting or placing roses in the mouth of the guns, ammunitions and tanks of the military. So that is why no bloodshed had occurred during that day.

That is why it is a holiday here every 25th day February.

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