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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Are We?

According to Psychology, "We are the product of the fairy tale we read." Are we? Maybe. I could say I, a lot of marriages are broken up due to the ideas of women that the guy they fell inlove with are their knight and shinning armor that they read in every romance novel or movies they watched. As far as men are concerned, they thought that they fell for the princess of their dreams. When they found out that its otherwise, they found themselves frustrated and so the war begins.

A key to a successful marriage is ofcourse, let GOD be the third cord of our marriage and to remember we are all imperfect. Thus, loving someone includes all the good qualities and as well as all the imperfection she or he possesses. Plus developed a good communication to let all those ends meet.


klivengood said...

You are absolutely right and you are lucky to have a life like a fairy tale. Thanks for visiting my blog.
Have a nice day.

minnie_madz said...

Yeah, it's as if we're all dreaming that we are the princess of the fairy tales we've read :)

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