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Thursday, February 5, 2009


I saw this bed online, I thought that this could be a good bed for my daughter. As I posted previously, our humble home is still under construction. So I usually brows the net to look for some idea as to how to design things inside the house.

Back to the bed. When I saw it I printed the picture and handed it to the carpenter and asked him if he could copy the style of that bed and he said he can do it. So when I will be going there next week I will take some picture for you to see if he was able to construct it correctly.


Nanaybelen said...

how old is your daughter? Is it not too high for her? She might fall down to the floor if still young.
Bed looks so nice with some compartments for keeping bed linens. I have a bed same like that before. It is heavy to move to clean underneath and one time i found dead rat (LOL). If your child is young why not let your carpenter to put side rails but be removable if she is getting older.

psycha said...

hi. just came to give you some smiles

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