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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Maicel's Survey

Children are preicious gift from above. That is why, as parents, we will do our very best to give nothing but the best to our respective child or children. One of those best that we could give to them is education. Education is of vital need because it is where we learn a lot of things to endure and to succeed, to earn knowledge. It is one of the best gift or inheritance that we could give to a child, to which, no one or thing can ever take that away from them for as long as they live.

Maicel, one of my blog friends tagged me this . She wanted to start . . . rather, her dream was to established a school for toddlers. I can see, she has a passion for sharing her thoughts to young ones. And I do believe, she wanted to build a good foundation to every child and to be a part of their lives. Or shall I say, to be a medium to success to every child she teach. Check ba? She came up to this survey to broaden her perspective in putting up a school. Well, all the moms out there, why not take this survey question to share your thoughts to Maicel.

So girl! Here's my thought . . .


1. Add your blog to the list. If you're keeping multiple blogs, it'll be fine if you add them all up and just post your answers in one of those blogs.

2. IMPORTANT: kindly get back to me [MAICEL] so i will be able to visit your sites, read your answers and include you in the master list.

3. Please do copy from Start to End.

4. You may tag as many online friends as you please.

Copy this Participants List:
Simple Delights / Motherhood in a Nutshell / 3 for 100 / All About Me / Your blog here

  • Do you have kids? yes*
  • How old is your child / children? 4 years old*
  • What do you think is the ideal age for the kids to be sent to school? depends upon the child's development*
  • Would you consider sending your 3-year-old toddler to school? yes.
  • Explain your reasons. I want my daughter to explore, to socialize with other kids her age and to be able to develop friendship at a young age. To learn new things with classmates and to interact with others aside from the people she's with at home. My daughter started school at the age of 2 year and 6-month. On the first day of school, she was wearing a disposable diapers but after 2 weeks she requested me not to let her wear one because she told me that her other classmates no longer wear diapers and that she already know how to use the bathroom or tell her teacher that she wants to use the bathroom. Actually, the teachers also trained them bathroom manners at their first day. She had learned so much in school that amazes me sometimes. Now, she's in kindergarten I and already knows how to add and subtract numbers on her own.



maicel said...

thanks a lot, connie! nakakatuwa ka naman, natouch ako sa intro mo! :)

that was a helpful insight. i do appreciate it.

JazLive said...

Yes, I have two adult children; one minor in high school and blended mother (via 2nd marraige) to three adults. Together, my spouse and I are the grandparents of 11 grandchildren [age 2mos to 21 years] and 2 great grands (both under 7 mos).

blogging profit said...

Nice posting..
Childreen is a git that God give to us..
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