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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why oh why

I have read an article that features "WHY" being the most simple question yet very difficult to answer. Its really true! Just imagine with all the questions that a child ask to his or her parents, with the never ending WHYs. We parents, usually ran out of answers and finally surrenders by saying, "I don't know" or we change the topic or do things to change the attention of our children. But these wont help the child. Isn't it? As for me, I usually say, "Oh, I will research on that", or sometimes by saying, I don't know. hehehehe

Even us, adults, when we experience hardships or difficulties in our lives we usually wonder Why we are in it or why we are a part of it or why it happened to us. Why do people don't understand what we are into. Why did our loved one left us or why they passed away. We always ask the never ending "Why" too.

A close friend of mine even wrote a poem comparing life to a labyrinth, that is full of doors and full of puzzles. We don't know how, when and why it happens.

On my part, I do believe that we sometimes experience fortuitous events or unforeseen occurrences or we are at the wrong place and at the wrong time, why we experience many challenges and difficulties along our way. Could be also that due to our imperfection, we do things which later results to a not so good situation and regrets or crying sets in. So many factors are involve but never blame GOD for such occurrence for we all know HE LOVED US SO MUCH. HE will never do things that will hurt us.

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