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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

ZackShow Contest

As I make my blog hopping, one of Aeirin Collection's posts caught my attention, The ZackShow First Blog Contest. I said to myself, "WHY NOT JOIN?! Anyway, there's no harm in doing such." And so I decided to follow the instruction given and yes, I am in and followed him to twitter. I am almost done with the procedure and after posting, I will contact Zack to let him know I am interested.

Come and join too, we will never know we might end up to one of those big prizes freely given by Zack. Hurry! Cause this contest will gonna last until August 15, 2008.

The following are the prizes:

1st position: 50$ cash & 2000 EC.
2nd position: 30$ cash & 1200 EC.
3rd position: 20$ cash & 800 EC.
4th position: Free professional logo design.

Here's how to join:

1. Leave a comment in this post ( Required ): 1 entry.
2. Subscribe to his RSS feed via e-mail: 5 entries
3. Add Zak Show Dot Com to your Technorati favorites: 3 entires
4. Follow on Twitter: 2 entries
5. Make a post about this contest and link to ZakShow.Com: 8 entries

For more info regarding this contest, feel free to visit his link here.

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