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Friday, August 29, 2008

Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts

I was so frustrated with the examination given to us last night in Taxation. There are 4 roman numeral numbers but each contains atleast 4 sub questions and the others has 12 sub-questions, to my dismay most of those are definition of terms, grrrrhhhhh! Honestly, I am not good at memorizing.

Whew, atleast I was able to answer most of the items given but I don't know if it was correct. TOINK! Well, I will be able to know whether I pass or not if the results will come out. :-SS

So much for that.

I am free today, I don't have a class nor an examination because our professor for today is really busy due to the oral argument before the Philippine Supreme Court. He's one of those lawyers who went to argue for the non-validity of the Memoradum of Agreement (although not yet signed) between the Phillippine Government and the Bangsa Moro placing some places under the Autonomous Region or to be a part of the ancestral domain of Bangsa Moro, to which most of the people even the mayor of our place is against it.

Now, I can spend sometime with my husband and daughter, uhhhm, maybe we can dine out! yapeeeee! Nice idea isn't it?

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