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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our Baby Girl

Filled our hearts with joy
_______ that's what you are to us
Even when things go wrong
_______ seeing you by our side
Creeping, hugging and kissing us
_______ we feel everything will be alright
Inspiration, that's what you are
_______ and a gift from Jehovah God
Love and laughter is what you bring
_______ to me and to your Papa
Looking at you we know from our hearts
_______ you'll be a wonderful person
Everything you do will be successful for as long
________ as you put God's will first into your life
When you came into our lives
________we felt so blessed
You are a miracle that was slowly
________ growing inside of me
Now that you are here
________ our love for you continue to grow and deepens
Especially when you laugh and makes funny actions
________ we've never regret that you came
Having you as our baby girl
________ is one of the many blessings we received from above
Even you give us a headache sometimes
________ still you are very special to us
Always remember that no matter what
________ you'll always be loved by us
Rivers may dried up, mountains may be bald
________ and trees may die, but ...
The love we have for you will never dried up nor fade
________ may you always remember that you are our baby girl

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