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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Letter of a Mother to her Baby

Dear Baby,

When I found out that I was pregnant, I was so happy and excited, however, a part of me was scared because I don't know if I could really take good care of you. But your father had helped me overcome those fear, he really took good care of me while I was pregnant.

When you were born, I was so amazed and just looked at you. When I first hear you cry, an undescribable feeling strike me. And you know what? You really looked like your father.

Then you caught an infection in the urine due to long hours of labor and my bag of water started to leaked, you need to undergo treatment and when I saw you with dextrose, I really cried. I felt the pain you've been through.

When I held you in my arms, I was afraid to move, I was afraid that you will break because you were so fragile then.

Now seeing you walk, talk, laugh and moving around . . . I realized how time flies so fast.

There are many so many things I want to write about you but I guess this space is not enough and I would love to talk to you and tell you all the crazy stuff you did, I did and your father did, if you are old enough. I hope you enjoy reading this.

I love you very much.


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