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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fairy Tales . . .

I used to think that life is like a fairy tale, that will always end up with a happy ending. But then, I realize that there is more to life than in fairy tales. In life you will find difficulties, happiness, sorrow, love and a lot more. But those factors will contribute as to who you will come to be and not just base from a person's idea and fantasy. In life, you can really feel the struggle, and most of all, in life, when you found someone, its not always prince charming or dream princes. Because the person whom you love may turn out to be different from what you expected. However, the important fact is that we learn to love and wanted to be loved. And when we love a person, we also accept and loved their weaknesses and usually we cover it with love.

1 comment:

Princess Cinderella said...

Since I was a kid I'm sort living in the fairy tale world...I do believe in fairy tales, fairies, happy ending and true love. I even name myself as Princess Cinderella in the blog sphere, maybe because I grow up with that thing watching it on t.v or even reading it. Even though I'm not a kid anymore I still believe in fairy tales, silly right?sometimes if I encounter obstacles in life I always think "this is the work of my evil step sister or evil step mother"..hahaha...well like in fairy tales and in true life you will experience problem in life, you have to struggle before you conquer your dreams.I know in real life there is no happy ending, but you can be happy if you want it...muah.....bwt way just link me here and let me know so that i can add you up..muah..ingats

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