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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Low International Call Rates

YupeePhone International Call offers a low rate for international calls. This company is also a distributor of Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) equipment and service.

Actually they offer three (3) main plans, namely: the Pay as You Go; Unlimited India for $39.95 per month and 2000 minutes/month to landlines in Iraq-Jordan for $24.95 a month.

The Pay As You Go plan is very low rates for most of the international destinations, for there is a 120 free minutes every month to 54 destinations worldwide, provided that the customer will deposit $20 once every 4 months. The $20 is used for non-free destinations or after the 120 free minutes in the rest of the month. There is no expiration for the funds. After the 4 months the money will be used as usual with no free minutes if the customer does not add more funds.

The unlimited India for $39.95 per month plan is also amazing for it is absolutely unlimited. However, such calls cannot be use for business, telemarketing or resale. To ensure that there is no violation, they have a verification process after 4000 minutes.

Further, their service is available worldwide, using:

a) Free Local Access Numbers in the USA.
b) International Access Numbers (free in Canada, UK, France).
c) Callback, using our online feature or calling the Callback Number.
d) Free SIP or IAX software.
e) Bring your own SIP device.

For cheaper calls visit their site at

1 comment:

Sarah said...

YupeePhone is new in VoIP market, there are several other players like Skype, Vopium, Jajah and Truphone. I am currently using Vopium its offers cheapest calling rates and the best thing I found in Vopium is its Premium Voice quality. I'll go through YupeePhone once.

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