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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Asked Specifically

Last time, my hubby's high classmates invited him for a coffee session in one of the local coffee shop. He asked me what I'd like for him to bring home. I said, "Well, pizza would be fine". I also asked my daughter,"Hey, what would you like to eat, cake or what?" And she said "cake!" My hubby protested, "No you cannot have a cake because you have a cough and maybe your tonsillitis will trigger again." She answered, "Ok, I can have what." My and I were waiting for her answer, puzzled, we asked, "What would you like to eat?" She answered back, "Ma, you just asked me what I want and you said cake or what, so I will have what!" So we just laugh! And I learned my lesson to asked the right and specific question.

1 comment:

Dining Table said...

Kids are really like that. Next time be very careful what to say or ask.

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