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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

There was a Girl and a Boy . . .

There was this love story of a very dear couple, who are close to my heart . . .

The boy once courted the girl and after a few months the girl fell in love with the boy. Their relationship last for almost 2 years. However, due to some circumstances, they broke up. A lot of their friends wanted to bring back their relationship but to no avail. The boy went away to a distant place hoping to heal his broken heart and somehow would try to forget the girl. The girl just let him go.

A lawyer friend asked the girl when she'll got married and she answered, "I won't get married unless you will officiate my marriage vow." The lawyer friend just smiled.

After 3 years, the boy went back, still single. The girl was still single too but would often times snob the boy. The boy had never ceased loving her. He was determined and decided to pursue her and to win her back. He courted her again. The girl just won't forgive him. But he persevered and continued even if the girl would not even faced him. The sisters of the girl and some close friends got into the picture to help the boy.

After a few months, the girl's heart soften and started to smile at him. Eventually, they became friends. And a new chapter had opened - a second chance. They did experienced . . . a second time love which is more sweeter. This had occurred after 4 years of being apart, of hurting each other or shall I say tormenting each other.

Oh, yes! they did got married. They are happily married for more than 1 year now. And guess what? The lawyer friend, had indeed solemnized their marriage because 3 months before the scheduled date of marriage, the lawyer friend received his appointment as City Judge.

What a coincidence isn't it?! Just imagine, 4 long years of being apart they had never had any other someone special in their respective lives. The lawyer whom the girl joked with became the solemnizing official in their marriage. We can't help but laugh at what had happened and ofcourse very happy for both of them. The love they have is one of true love, where distance and time were of no obstacles.

May we always find love and the right person and if we find such never let it go.

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