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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Top Droppers

As I do my blog hop this day, I arrive at Ms Recipe's blog. She thank her top 10 droppers of the entrecard and I said, "why not do the same?" I thank you for giving me such idea. This could be a way of letting know our dropper that their hardwork is not in vain.

I do thank my top ten droppers for making my blog your constant visit and for improving my page rank.

Here are they:

1. Multiply theme/marviepons
2. renmAi
3. Let Us Talk
4. My Interest
5. I Belong?
6. Anything But Ordinary
7. Filipina
8. My Blog
9. Love, in Real Lifetime
10. intel828c

But ofcourse, let me take this opportunity to thank all of my blogger friends and visitors for doing their hop here. Without all of you, I know, my blogging would be useless and fruitless. hehehehehehe. A BIG THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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