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Monday, October 13, 2008

She had Fun on the Road

Last night, my daughter and her titas (aunts) are playing snow (styro) on the road. Look at what she does, she did have a lot of fun.

I never got the timing of caughting her blow the styro. hehehehehe. She was really happy.


Bunda Rierie said...

walking around in the night.. tralalalala.. so happyyy

i live in east borneo, indonesia wyne..

faye said...

shes cute, i remember my big niece too...full of baby fats!...

tikno said...

Nice photo and give smile to your family. Thank you for your comment and I will learn more.

BK said...

I believe she really really have a lot of fun. :)

Quality time like this is priceless.

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