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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hopelessly Romantic!

Yes! That's what all teenagers are - hopelessly romantic! But adults do feel it sometimes!

When I was 15 years old, I composed this poem . . . Now I can say, its corny, hahahahaha but I am still proud of it because . . . I am the author. Toink!

Here it goes . . .

Come Back To me

Remembering the past
It's something I still regret
Rain was falling from the skies
Like tears in my eyes

I miss your laughter
your joke . . . your love
How I wish you are near
Come back to me, my dear

Whenever I see you
with someone else
I feel . . .

What have I done?
Why have you left me . . . alone?
Why do I keep on loving you?
Love, please come back to me

I wrote it not for myself but for my friend who did suffered a broken heart back then. I know she will smile upon reading this again after _____ years. I wont put how many years so that you will not know how old I am now!


Nice Reading said...

Nice Poem

Nice Reading

faye said...

hahaha...with the sense na corny nga but before it's much more important to your friend..hehehe ang love nga talaga..its a nice gift idea to your friend during her special occassion- to remember the PAST..ohmmm
daan lng po

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