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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Atlantis Hotel - Dubai's Pride

See the New Atlantis Hotel of Dubai. It just opened on September 24, 2008. Just by looking at these pictures, it surely cost a lot.

It will let you feel as if you are underwater! Look at their room!

I saw the construction of this hotel featured at the Mega Structure of the National Geographic Channel. I never expected that this could be so greatly and amazingly built.

I wish I could go there and experience the fun and the view of Ariel"s World!


eunice said...

wow the hotel is so beautiful, it is like in paradise. I think Dubai has alot of magnificient hotels and resorts.

faye said...

wonderful hotel..
dubai can't stop their progress...
that was great!

faye said...

i remember when we be there in dubai for stop over ang daming Filipino sa duty free nila. parang nasa pinas ka din.

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