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Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Last Day

Last Friday was the last day of work. The effectivity of my resignation was in force. I cooked spaghetti and gave a free snack to my fellow employees. The camp manager also gave free lunch to us. Lastly, during dinner, my big boss treat us at a local restaurant. Since my boss is a foreigner, I gave him a lamp shade made of coconut shell. I also gave a small bahay kubo for my other two Quality Auditors. It was a happy day for me. My boss gave me some memorabila and a bag. I was so touch with his thoughtfulness. My boss was so sad when I hand him my resignation but he believes that family should come first that's why he let me go. I know I will my job and my friends at work but I guess this is the best decision I made. Just like my boss, I give priority to my family.

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