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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Am Okey Now

Well, after having a hard week due to SORE EYES, now I am Okey! The redness, itchiness, blurry vision (tungod sa muta!) and sore plus the pain of my eyes are gone. Not to forget the fever! GRRRH! I spent most of time sleeping or lying and washing my eyes with clean water. What really add to my hardship is the heat of the sun whenever I need to do something outside the house.

I would like to thank my hubby for taking good care of me and for patiently dropping 2 drops every 4 hours of Tobradex! hehehehe (free Ads na!). Thank goodness also that the sun glasses are available! It was so helpful to hide the secret of my eyes and to protect my eyes as well! I can happily say, GOODBYE SORE EYES!

1 comment:

odds and ends said...

Good that your are well now :)

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