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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Last February, I posted New Member. The new members were Duke and Wooch. 

When I was in Manila, my brother texted me. He told me that Wooch passed away because Wooch was bitten by a cobra. I was really crying when I learned what Wooch did. My brother told me that while he was watering the vegetables at the farmWooch was behind him, following him wherever he goes. Later he heard Wooch barking but he just continued walking and watering, then Wooch stopped barking and my brother sensed something was wrong. When he turned around, he saw Wooch lying helplessly, he immediately grab Wooch but a cobra already struck Wooch. My brother ran and apply some medication to counter the venom but it was useless . The cobra's venom was so strong. If it was not for Wooch, my brother would have been bitten by that cobra instead. You see he protected my brother. Wooch risked his life just to be loyal to my brother. So you see how sad it is. That is why I really love dogs. They are so loyal. Truly a man's bestfriend!

To prevent such incident from happening again, we decided to cut all the grasses around. Now my brother regularly trim all the grasses to drive away the snakes. 


story song said...

Dogs are loyal animals, but if it happens, of course, anyone would feel sad. the loss of friends, always together. survivors enjoy a happy daye

jenpaul :) said...

Hello there! Pls accept the "Versatile Blogger" award from me. Check my post for more info. Congratulations! :)

Dhemz said...

oh my...poor doggy..kalouy tawon sa inyong iro te...ginoo ko, kuyaw kay halas man diay nakapaak...tsk..tsk..tsk!

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