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Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Place I've Stayed

When I was away from home, I have stayed and lived in the 29th floor in one of the condominiums in Rockwell. It was a very nice and safe place to stay. There are a lot of estate police who are ready to be of assistance especially in crossing the street. I can say that it was a good place to stay but it was not the best because my family was not with me.

A lot of foreigners are also staying in Rockwell. I guess it is due to the comfort and safety why a lot of foreigners are staying there.

Take a glimpse at the room I have stayed.

As I was jokingly told my husband, it was a very nice prison for me. I was trapped in it for 6 months. I never had a chance to really enjoy the place because I was so focused in my studies. All I did was just to look out to see the formation of clouds when my head was not that cooperative anymore. And sad to say, I was not able to take a splash in the pool! :-(

I wish we could own of the units, alas, it was so expensive!


Story in Indonesian Songs said...

prison for the future, and now you have managed .. congratulations.

Dhemz said...

oh my...nganong wala man tawon ka nag pahangin sa labas te...bilabi no kay grabi man kau ka ka sure pasada ka sa result puhon te....:)

wow! ka hadlok basad kay naa man ka sa taas...ehehehe...pila pod ang bayad for 6 months te?

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