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Friday, October 15, 2010

New Award

It has been  a long time since I have received an award. Thanks to JenPaul for giving me a new award. It is nice to receive an award every now and then. 

Please be guided by the rules below.

The Rules:
    * Be sure to thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
    * Share 7 things about yourself.
    * Pass the award to other bloggers who you think deserves it.
    * Be sure to let  the bloggers know you chose them to receive the award.

7 things you need to know about ME :)
  1. I am contented and happy to be married for more than 7 years.
  2. I have a 6 year old daughter.
  3. I love to sing.
  4. I am an engineer by profession and looking forward to be a lawyer on a day certain.
  5. I also love photography.
  6. I am an avid watcher of CSI (NY, Las Vegas and Miami).
  7. My husband is my bestfriend.
Gonna pass this award to the following :
Dhemz, Healthy Fresh UpdatesIdeas and Review and to all those bloggers who regularly visit my blog. 

Happy weekend everyone!!!!!


jenpaul :) said...

great job sis! keep it up! :)

MinnieRunner said...

Nice to know that your husband is your bestfriend :) He really should be :D
God Bless.

story song said...

I enjoyed reading it, like you and your family so happy. but I am also happy because you received an award from jane paul. congratulations.1

Dhemz said...

thanks for sharing this award te...such an honor!

glad to know about ya....when pa diay mabal-an ang result sure pasado ka sa BAR...ehehehe!

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