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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Love To Wear it!

I love to wear dresses especially in special occasions like weddings and graduation. However, after giving birth, I find it hard to find some dresses to go well with me. Whenever I want to buy a dress, I always had a hard time finding one that suits me. The dresses in our local malls are usually smaller and would not fit me because I belong to a plus size. It always broke my heart to see those nice dresses but would not fit me. Everytime we go for a vacation in some big cities, which are an hour to an hour and a forty five minute travel via plane, I oftentimes spend a day or two looking for some dresses, shirts and pants that fit and look good on me.

Glad that I have found this great site which offers an array of selection of various plus size dresses. Plus the styles are really great. When I opened this Plus Size Catalogue site, one dress really caught my attention. The style is simple yet elegant. I believe that if ever I will wear that dress I will look slimmer and a little sexy! Do you agree?

For more selection, visit their site at

1 comment:

madz said...

Wyne, feeling ko pagtanda ko, plus sizes na rin ang kakailanganin ko, unless magdiet ako ngaun palang :(

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