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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Learning Disabilities

"Noah reads the same school assignments repeatedly. Still, he forgets the material and struggles with his grades."

Does your child or siblings similar to the case of Noah? They may be suffering learning disabilities. No, those children are not lazy, or dull or refuse to learn, it is a brain disorder. Learning disabilities is not related to a child's intelligence. Some children may not know that they have learning disabilities because some or most of them have average or above average grades.

There are various types of learning disabilities, just to name a few:

Dyslexics - often confuse letter that have similar appearance
Dysgraphia - disorder that affects handwriting
Dyscalculia - difficulty with math skills

Symptoms of learning disabilities:
1. delayed language skills
2. trouble rhyming words.
3. habitual mispronunciation
4. persistent baby talk
5. difficulty in learning letters and numbers
6. inability to sound out letters in simple words, confusion involving words that sound alike and difficulty following instruction.

One magazine point out that learning disabilities are usually or oftentimes accompanied with Attention Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHA).

If your child or sibling shows any symptom or signs as what discussed above, medical evaluation is a must. We need to Help such children to cope with such disabilities. Aside from having medical help, parental support is also very vital to cater the needs of the child and of course understanding and cooperation within the family.

1 comment:

Phil Weaver said...

Hi Connie,

Are you familiar with educational therapy. Your school administrators won't tell you about it but it works wonders. Learning disabilities can be corrected with the right therapy. Take a look at Learning Aids for help

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