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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Family Movie

One of our family recreations is to watch movies in theaters. I am a pizza lover so I usually eat pizza while watching some movies. My daughter and my husband usually crave for popcorn while watching the show. We don’t usually just watch any movie. My husband and I usually choose those movies that teach life a lesson. Movie that would teach some lesson or values friendship and family. We make it a point to be choosy in what we watch for our daughter’s sake. Those types of movies may influence my daughter’s point of view.

I would say that the movie All Roads Lead Home is a perfect movie night out for the three of us. This movie is about a girl’s journey to love and friendship. How her life changed when a thoroughbred horse and a dog came to her life. This movie will surely teach children to value animals and life. So parents, let us take our children to the movie house and watch All Road Lead Home. This is an opportunity to have a family bonding. This is a perfect quality time to spend with our respective family.

All Roads Lead Home is a heartwarming and inspiring movie for the entire family.

Watch the trailer:


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