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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Coming back to . . .

This was taken last September 5, 2007. Obvious ba? We were in Dakak then. This coming December 28, 2008, we will be going back! Yapeeeeeeee! We will have a 3-day-vacation in Dakak to unwind ourselves to the busy life we have. My daughter is so excited to be back in Dakak. She loves to swim. When we were in Dakak she spent most of the time in the pool and ran across to jump in to the sea water! She never lost energy until the clock hit 7pm. Can't wait to be there and experience the fun again!


Erato said...

awww....she's so cute!!!

faye said...

hay namiss ko yung pamangkin ko kasing cute nito ng baby mo!!!!

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