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Saturday, December 6, 2008


Anybody wants rare and deleted records, cds and music memorabilia? Worry no more has a variety of such collection. This was made possible through the passion of Weston Taylor. is a Weston Taylor Collection!

Weston Taylor was a journalist with the News of the World from around 1957 until his untimely death in 1975. He was one of those few persons who acquired respect in the world of entertainment due to their honest criticism, reviews and great work.

He lovingly stored and looked for over 50 years nearly 7000 pristine vinyl LPs and singles. The collection covers 60s & 70s originals, beat, pop, psych, mod, freakbeat, northern soul, prog, rock and jazz - 90% of the 45s are demos, the LPs are factory sample or review copies.

My husband and I has a collection of some Abba album and Bossa Nova cds. We usually listen to such music for it helped us to relax and enjoy especially when we do have a long trip vacation. My 5 year old daughter especially loves Abba’s Dancing Queen. She memorized the lyrics when she was just 3 year old and sang during the wedding of my sister.

This brings us to appreciate what Mr. Taylor did. He carefully and lovingly collected those records, cds and music memorabilia for those people and future generation who have a passion as he does. A legend that is what I consider him.


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