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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Never Play with Guns

My bestfriend sent me a message this afternoon. She was down hearted because her previous student assistant was accidentally shot in the head. . .

Her student assistant, Empoy, was a working student. He studied hard to be able to finished his degree in criminology. After passing the Board, he applied for the City Police and he was hired. He was the bread winner of his family and at the same time sending his brothers and sisters to school. He even constructed a house for his parents to be completed this December as his first project. While on duty, his bestfriend was playing on his gun and accidentally the said gun fired and the bullet struck straight into the head of Empoy. He was pronounced death on arrival.

Eventhough, I do not personally know Empoy, I know that he is a good man. My heart just ached upon knowing what had happened to him. Just imagine, he worked so hard to finish his studies and less than a year of being a policeman he was accidentally shot. He should have accomplished many things, for himself, for his parents, for his loved ones, for his community. I am a parent too and I can't imagine seeing my precious child die just because of the negligence of other people.

I say never play with guns because it may caused the death of a dear loved one or a person close to you. There are a lot of innocent lives got affected, victimized by such similar accident. How many lives will yet to be wasted just to let other people realized not to play with guns?

My deepest sympathy to Empoy's family and parents.

My friend and her staff made this tribute to Empoy -


Margie said...

Hi cons,

Thanks for the post. It meant a lot to me and my staff.

well that's a warning for all those who possess guns. Just be very responsible in handling it. Even just a single bullet could change the life of a person, or outrightly kill a person not knowing his worth and his value to others.

Let this be a lesson for all. Our service scholar just so painfully happened to be a victim of gun playing.

Thanks cons.

Maus said...

hi connie
nakakatouch naman itong blog mo!
condolence to his in kahit di ko sya kilala i saw his pic here sa url mo ..nakakalungkot batang bata pa and as student assistant before he passed all the difficulties in life tapos yun lang!
May his soul be in HEaven:

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