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Monday, November 17, 2008

Do you Remember?

Taking the shot of vaccine! It hurts so much! As they say no need to say a word, other people knew the feeling. Look at that little boy's face, he expressed it all! Do you have the same experience as he does?
I remember, our teacher in the first grade instructed us to line up because some people in white visited our room. We were all afraid of the needle but we can't help it, our teacher was watching us so we wre forced to line up. I saw my classmates ahead of me crying and I was so afraid too. When my turn comes I was asked to sit on my chair because I already took the shot before. Thanks to my mother! I have not experienced taking my vaccination at school. My mother made sure that before I went to school my vaccination are complete.


evanh said...

hi..hi.. i like this child expression..scare....

janed said...


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