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Monday, March 1, 2010

Headaches Due To Eye Problem

My husband used to complain about headaches. I was wondering what could be the cause of such pain. So I always asked him to take some medicines to ease up his pain. When his headache persisted, we went to a doctor and the doctor told him to consult an ophthalmologist. When we visited one of the diplomate doctors for the eyes in our place, he found out that my husband is near sighted. He recommended eyes glasses for my husband. So he started to measure my husband's vision to know the proper lens that fits his vision. My husband also chose the frames for his glasses that fit his face and taste. Further, his doctor suggested for a lens transition. Transitional lenses refer to those eye glasses which change its color when directed or get contact with the sun's reflection. The eye glasses turns darker and function as sunglasses but when there is no sunlight or inside a room the lenses will be clear again. However, the price is a little expensive. Anyway, my husband decided to purchase the transitional lenses because he will no longer need to buy another pair of sunglasses. So I said, the price is already reasonable. After a week, his eye glasses arrived. He enjoys his glasses and the headache - gone!


bit said...

nice share,,

asmanu said...

a very valuable experience, because it was all eye health or very expensive
tank for your share..

mintradz said...

Severe headache can sometimes be accompanied by nausea and visual disturbances. Having only visual disturbances is also possible. This problem is called an ophthalmic migraine, or a migraine without a headache. Arizona Eye Care says that eye and vision symptoms include blurred vision, ptosis, halos around lights, light flashes, light sensitivity, eye pain or discomfort, vision loss (blind spots in central vision, tunnel vision or overall impaired vision), distorted vision and wavy lines in vision.

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