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Friday, March 19, 2010

After the Buzy weeks

Hello World! Its summer time in the Philippines. We usually have 37.9 degree Celsius temperature. It is very humid ; plus the drought plus the series of blackouts plus the shortage of water! As what I told a blogger friend, we are experiencing global warming! But it isn't that bad, we Filipinos usually find ways to lessen the problems in our own special way. Mga Pinoys agree ba kayo sa akin?

Anyway, it has been two long weeks since I hopped and update my blog. I was so busy. My daughter graduated in the pre-school last 13 March 2010.

So we decided to give her a kiddie party. Since she really loves to swim, we chose to held it at a hotel poolside. So I was so busy preparing for the party, such as making reservation, prizes for the parlor games and some giveaways for the children who attended.

Then, my final examination began. So my last two weeks was so toxic and hectic. Whew! I am so thankful that it was finally over.

My 4 years in the law school just ended. However, the penitence will be starting soon. My classmates and I are preparing for a more hectic and pressured life - that is, preparing for the bar examination. I hope I could make it. But one thing I am sure of, I will be inactive in the blog world for 6 months, I think.
Although, I could visit my blog from time to time just to maintain my sanity. Just to let go of the pressure.

This coming April will be the start of the review classes. What adds to my dilemma is, I will be away from my hubby and my daughter during the duration of my review, since I will be staying in Manila, about 1 hour and 45 minute away via plane from the place where we are staying. I really hope I could stand up to the pressure and loneliness especially when I will be homesick, missing my family.

1 comment:

Risma Hutabarat said...

Congratulation on your daughter's graduation. Send my big hug for her :)

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