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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Story

I want to share a story which my professor shared to us last night. . .

A girl who will be turning 18 years old and she asked her parents to give her a car in her debut. The parents just smile. So she concluded that the smile means yes and so she expected that her gift will be a car. Comes her debut, to her disappointment her parents gave her a bible instead of a car. She was so depressed and was very angry. She left home and did not return. After several years, her parents died in a car accident. So she was forced to go home. She saw that the gift, the Bible, was untouched. She picked it up and open it. To her surprised, at the first page of the bible there was a key and a note saying, "To our beloved daughter, the car is in the garage. We love you".

How would you think the daughter reacted? What will be her feelings knowing that she should have spent those wasted years with her parents, never had a chance to say thank you, never had a chance to say i love you?

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